Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tying lose ends

I don't care if you're a working mom or stay at home mom. I have no opinion on your stay-at-home/working/whateveryoudo status. I do however have a problem with advertising your precious infant, who hasn't even been in the world as long as your body took to make him or her, on craigslist. And my questions to the people who have "no one" in their life, but have to work [btw I think this is highly unlikely here in overly populated California] Do you have neighbors, co-workers, aquaintances, a church, a working moms group? Surely there is SOMEONE on this planet that can help them or give a decent referral. What do you want to bet that most of those people on there AREN'T in that predicament? We won't argue that point tho, since we'll never know. What really pisses me off is people that twist my words to make their point. I NEVER ONCE condemned single moms, working moms, ugly moms, or anything else you want to accuse me of. Very disappointing that more people don't advocate on the side of the children. Sad. I could write a novel, but I wont. Those who are truly my friends know my heart is in the right place and know I deeply care for all my friends and family, whether they be working moms or single moms or whatever. I get disgusted listening to moms who have the option to stay at home choose not to bc their "kids drive them crazy". THAT IS SAD! Being a parent is NOT about your sanity, it's about their well-being BTW. And if you can't stay at home THATS OK, WERE STILL FRIENDS. But the fact of the matter is MOST kids do get the short end of the straw. Parents who will put them with anyone, feed them til they are obese, material things mean more than anything else, spend every single night wasted and sleeping around. It's rampant in our culture!! AND ITS WRONG!! Your babies are a gift and YOU are responsible for their well being all around. I'm so sick of being pegged as not compassionate, a hater, a bigot and a judge. I would bend over backwards for the people I love and care for and maybe even some that I dont know well. You people have a seriously rude awakening coming when you sit before the throne and have to answer to your Creator.

I'm sad I feel like I've lost friends over this. Kinda pathetic, but you know what - You can be as different me in so many other areas. You can be atheist, democrat, black, purple or brown and we can be friends. You don't think kids should be NUMERO UNO - THEN PEACE OUT, I have ZERO respect for you.


Candice Brouillette said...

omg! dont people know about the human trafficking that happens all the friggen time on craigslist?! im hesitant to even put our old TV on there because of some of the weirdos ive had to deal with let alone look for a sitter for my BABY. "flag" that post and maybe it will get taken down. i just pray that an honest person finds the post and helps this person out. its heart breaking to think of a helpless baby getting treated like this.

Priscilla said...

ya, I got ripped apart on fb yesterday and honestly I just deleted them all. That's how it is, when you go against our toxic culture that has lost almost all its values and morals, people rake you over the coals bc they feel guilty. OTHERWISE, Who cares right? I'm so sick of people treating kids like they are commodities and not the most precious thing in this LIFE. I cant even handle it! Thanks for the support and advocating for helpless children.

Candice Brouillette said...

im sorry! just brush it off. God knows where your heart is at and thats the only thing that matters.
but there is a lot of people who agree with you on this. thats why there are groups of people trying to get craigslist to take down their "adult service" section because its a huge network of child and human sex trafficking going on.
and i think the general mindset of people think it will never happen to them, that they live in a safer city or town for that to ever happen but the truth is its literally everywhere and no one is out of reach for it to not happen to their kids. it even happens in corona.
im all about families staying together but i seriously think some people should have their gives taken away and be sterilized. but i know the foster system isnt always a better place either. broken system. broken world. jesus, please come back already! haha