Thursday, August 12, 2010

When the husbands away, the wife will play...or blog.

Has anyone noticed that my husband looks like James Van Der Beek? Anyone? Anyone at all? No? Well, I think so. He's actually on a job right now at 10 o'clock at night. Isn't he amazing? He amazes me. He wakes up plays with the kiddos while I try and peel my eyelids and get ready to greet 3 very vivacious little ones. Then he heads off to a job he has serious disdain for to provide for us. Tonight when he got home he juggled playing with the kids as well as helping me get everything ready for family to come over. And he does it all with such a cheerful disposition. He has such a servant's heart and it makes me melt. That's hotter than any physical feature EVER.

It blows my hair back how much we compliment each other. I push him to push himself . I encourage him. I show him a more broad or a deeper perspective on things. I help him think outside the box. He reminds me to have a gentle, quiet spirit and not worry. He helps me see past immediate hurdles to our bright future we are building. He is objective. He is my safe place and my best friend.

I love when we bicker. Bickering will save your marriage. I would LOVE to do a study on marriages that appeared to be well on their way to going the distance, but end after 25-30 years. I'm no expert, but almost every marriage that I've personally seen go down in a raging ball of flames after that amount of time, the person who was 'left' is EXTREMELY passive-aggressive. This is just an observation, I would love to hear if anyone else has seen this. Anyhow, our bickering keeps us in check. Keeps us on guard and attentive of each other's needs. It's worked for us. LOL

Are you enjoying my yapping about my husband and my observations? GREAT, I'll continue!

I just felt like writing about him cuz I miss him as he is making the fine establishment of chick-fil-a look beautiful! Being married to Josh makes it hard to watch other people in their relationships. Josh is a fine catch and there REALLY are other great guys out there and I hate seeing my girlfriends waste time on boneheads. I was just about to elaborate on some boneheaded stories, but my hottie of a husband just got home. Enjoy my random, semi-pointless-to-most-of-you blog!

ps. the neighbor across the way is singing, I think my ears are bleeding.

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