Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Season has come upon us!

Oh wow, I've been kind of dreading this blog because I havent updated in what seems like FOREVER! We'll just take it one thing at a time =]

A week and a half ago my very wonderful friend Jeni had a safe delivery of little Lincoln Boaz Van Horn. He was born on the 14th. I am looking forward to meeting him! Then on the 18th, my first niece came into the world ~ Rylin Marie Nabors. She is beyond beautiful and has super blond hair like her daddy! She has been such a blessing already. Mommy and baby are doing fantastic!

I'm sure many of you are going, "huh?" It seems as if my family is picking up the pieces, putting them back together and moving forward. Next Wednesday will be the first time in almost 3 yrs that me and my 3 sisters will be together. We are having taco night at my parents. As much that has gone on, I am so full of joy to be a family again! I dont think the ties that bind us can ever be completely severed and we are more than on the road to healing. It has been the most wonderful experience to see Justine have her little girl and just watch everyone's hearts soften and face forward and just move in that direction. It's a feeling that is indescribable. Even when you are in a situation that is out of your control because someone elses heart is hardened or whatever, for me, it still is painful, even when you know you've done all you can do. This is a new chapter in mine and my sisters lives and I am embracing with open arms. It's amazing how God works. I mean, I know he is God and all, but I still am in awe of how he just works things out sometimes, despite all of our humanln efforts that never seem to bring about anything. God makes things work in His timing and under his circumstances and it is always such a beautful and amazing thing. It truly is mind-blowing. This definitely gives me so much hope and peace for other aspects of my life that dont always seem to pan out the way I see fit. Guess I'll just have to be patient...grrr.

One small thing that I feel led to share is that I have made an amazing friend in the past 2 weeks. We met under unusual circumstances and had some odd things in common which has given us much to chuckle over. She is truly fabulous. I am so blessed to have the friends that I do have. I have some seriously awesome Lady friends that are trustworthy, respectable, loving women. It is hard to find people who love you for you and to find good friends who are always there for you. It is never something to take for granted. I am still sticking by making sure I am nurturing my friendships in this amazing year of 2009 so these friendships last for years to come. If you find yourself with no firends, it is definitely time to do some self-examining. Friends are a must, especially the ones that lift you up and dont bring you down and you can be vulnerable with, without feeling like it will come back to bite you.

Pristine Solutions is taking off!! Josh is doing a phenomenal job at getting the word out and we have been really busy on weekends and week nights. God is really paving the way. We definitely feel like this is where we need to be.

Lately, we've been back at Harvest for church. the girls are LOVING Sunday school, which is such a relief because Haylie hated it and made me dread going to church because I'd have to leave her screaming and crying and she would be like that when I picked her up to. Josh says he feels more connected at Harvest and he has friends there from going to past Men's events and stuff. Ok, so were church-hoppers. So sue We love both so it's difficult, but for now it's Harvest. We'll be sure to update our Twitter immediately if we go to a different church!! hahaha!

LEVI! I seriously LOVE HIS NAME!!! it's so perf! I think we have a middle's pretty much narrowed down, so for all of you who dont know - welll, guess you'll just have to wait! =] I am 34 weeks and I have a dr.'s appointment tomorrow!! I am so excited for him to be here and yet I have so much to do still! AHHH! oh well, I'm not too stressed. Honestly, what's one more?? haha! Ok, well, I think I've touched on all the major things. Not too much new in the 'getting-out-of-debt-world' except we found a budget system that has really worked for us and we are doing fab at sticking to it. We are still making good progress on our debts and when something major goes down in our financial world we will be sure to blog it! Until then ~ muah!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My little Princess turns 2!

Yesterday was Haylie's Birthday! So many friends and family came to celebrate with us! The theme was The Little Mermaid and Haylie sqealed with joy when she saw all the Ariel decorations. She enjoyed opening EVERY one of her gifts! She made a mess with her cake, which was also a big hit. Mommy made it just for her! Cant beat homemade buttercream icing, especially chocolate. She got one gift card and we already used it to buy 101 Dalmations which us 3 girls watched during our lunch today. The girls were so pooped after all day of playing and celebrating and they fell asleep together in Haylie's bed. Probably one of the most precious things I have ever seen! Thank you to everyone who made the trip over to share this day with us and Blass little Haylie with so many wonderful gifts! We are so blessed to have such wonderful, giving family & friends surrounding us! Here are some pictures to enjoy!