Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did I mention... amazing our trip to Arizona was? It was beyond fantastic for a boatload of reasons. First and foremost, we got to visit Uncle Matt. Prescott is so beautiful and has such a peaceful atmosphere about it. I was in love and we will definitely be spending more time there in 2011. Their Christmas Service was over the top awesome. We are so proud of Matt for the light show he was a major part of. Not only because it was ridiculously awesome, but because of his work ethic that is one to be admired and his heart. He truly did it to glorify the Lord, not for selfish ambition, recognition or any other earthly desire. But I can brag about him because he inspires me and he has such warm open heart for the things of the Lord and for his family and friends. I love seeing the man he is truly stepping up to be and to see him fall so much more in love with the Lord. It was great to meet his friends and church family, to be able to fellowship a little bit with other believers and to be in a place where the holy spirit was definitely in the midst; there at the Heights. It was inspiring to see how much this church opened its doors to the community in hoping to reach them with the Gospel message. The snow was amazing. This may sound strange, but I'm glad the kids were with their Uncle Matt while seeing it snow for the very first time. Such a cool moment for all of us. The Lord truly blessed our time together as family. We hope to make this specific trek an annual one. We will definitely stay longer than a day and a half. Thank you, Matt, for having us and being more of a blessing than words can describe!

Speaking of Blessings...Did I mention that 2010 has been the best year of my life by FAR? Last night at Prayer Night we talked about the many blessings that came in 2010 and I could've talked allllll night about how much the Lord has blessed us this year! I wanted to share those blessings with you and give all the credit to the Lord because He gives and He takes away. None of what has happened would be possible without him.

My relationship with the Lord has turned into something so much deeper and more intimate than I've ever experienced before. I can't help but become teary eyed when I think about what He did on the cross for me, what he's doing in my life now and also when I think about how he is right by my side when I'm going through the valley. I just can't comprehend his love for me, but I relish in that thought. I am more than grateful for his presence in my life and his hand being on me and my family

I am so grateful for my health and the health of my family. We are all in good health and I am 25 years old still have my parents and ALL my grandparents. Throughout the season I have seen posts on facebook from those that are missing loved ones , especially during this time of year and it really reminded me to not take the time we have here on this earth for granted. We also have friends going through, literally, the fight for their lives. It rips my heart out of my chest to see what they are going through.

I am so grateful for my husband that loves me and cherishes me and three beautiful, smart and loving babies. All 4 of them melt my heart on a daily basis. God has truly kept his hand on the 5 of us. We're are also grateful for all the rest of our family. All of our parents who support us and encourage us and especially to my parents who opened their home to us this year. Our siblings who lift us up and pray for us and who are more than siblings, they are our best friends and we love them dearly, especially Holley, Justine & Matt I am also so thankful for our extended family. I have some seriously awesome aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, in-laws, etc!

This is the year the Lord has began his work in restoring my family. The Lord brought healing that only the Lord could and softened our hearts. He has poured an overwhelming amount of love into our family, I feel like it gushes everytime we are together. My sister Justine has such a beautiful heart. Seeing her as a mom is such a blessing to me and is so precious. This reconnection has been an answer to years of prayer for our family. And we are still praying for my sister Heather. I hope 2011 is the year the Lord will complete the restoration, put a hedge of protection around our family and seal it from anything ever tearing it apart again.

We are so thankful for Lakeshore City Church. Our cup overfloweth with all the friends we have made and how blessed we've been by everyone there and the ministries it provides. Everyone and everything is Christ-centered. Everyone looks out for each others needs. I could write and entire blog about the blessings that have poured out of Lakeshore. Prayer night, the Marriage Study, the Women's study, all the times Moulton's have opened their home. ALL of you at Lakeshore have touched and impacted our life in some way in just the few months we've been there. Thank you to all of you who heard the call and answered. You are touching lives all the time and it is a ripple effect for sure!

Our business has boomed this year and it is nothing short of the Lord opening all the doors and providing all that we need to make thins happen. We have been able to go full-time and it be off to a GREAT start. Each and every one of our customers is a blessing as well as those who have shared our name with others. Thank you to Blake, Travis & Josh for all your help, as well.

Thank you to all of our friends. 2010 brought us so many wonderful friends and it also sustained some wonderful friendships. We love you all and you are all an encouragement & blessing to us.

Linda Thompson. Sooooo much of what we've done wouldnt be possible without Linda opening up her home to us. We love you, Linda. I will express more of my gratitude in pies and lemon bars ;)

addendum: We're also thankful for our friendly neighborhood Chick-fil-a. We love Chick-fil-a food, people and opportunities. They've been a huge blessing ;)

2010 has been amazing and I'm looking forward to starting off 2011 with a fast and allocating big chunks of time to much needed prayer and to seeing all the Lord is going to do in our life and the lives of others. If you haven't made your relations with the Lord a close, intimate one don't let one more day, let alone another year, go by without doing that. Commit yourself to him, it will be the best decision you ever make. You will never be alone. You will never be empty. He loves you and he wants to be close to you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hallmark Card to my Savior

When it's someone's birthday we often do things like buy them a nice card that says nice things about them and often we add our own personal touch or we give toasts at parties and share what we love about them. For many of our loved ones, there aren't enough words to describe the impact or wonderful characteristics about that person. Well, this season brings about the Birthday of someone very close and near and dear to my heart, in fact they own my heart. I'm talking about the birthday of my Jesus, my precious Savior. If I were to buy a Hallmark car for my Jesus, I would buy a blank one and inside I would I would say...

To My King,

Can't believe it's already been a year since your last birthday, the years seem to be flying by now! Wow, what do you say to the Lord you owe your life to? Lord, I am overwhelmingly grateful for what you've given me. You chose me and you knit me together, nothing about how you made me was an accident. You gave me a husband who loves me and cherishes me and loves you, too and 3 beautiful babies that are healthy and are already learning to love and acknowledge you. We have more family than we can count and friends that are more precious than any material thing this world has to offer. Today, Josh was saying one of the things he has probably taken for granted the most in the past is his health. This year more than ever I have never been more grateful for my health and the health of my family as so many friends are battling very difficult battles with their health. Lord, I don't know why, but you do and you are still on the throne and you have it under control and you have my friends and their families wrapped up in your arms of love and you are taking care of them. Thank you for that and please, Lord, continue to watch over them.

Thank you, Father, for continuing to restore my family. Thank you for blanketing us in a love once undiscovered, but now crashing over us like the ocean tide. It's one of the most beautiful earthly experiences I've ever had. It blows my mind that it's YOUR birthday and you've ALREADY saved us and yet you continue to bless me more than I could have ever imagined. You don't even have to. You've already done so much and yet you continue to just pour into my life and soul. You fill us physically, providing all the material things we need and then some to share with others. You fill me emotionally and hold me together when I'm weary, when I'm aching. You are my defender and I don't have to fight for justice. You give me the words to encourage others when they are down. Lord I pray you continue to use me and refine me.

God, when I've had a bad day and feel like the biggest let down on the planet, You come and whisper in my ear that I'm forgiven and you love me and you've broken the chains of bondage and set me free. I'm no longer a prisoner of my own sin. You help me push those feelings of inadequacy and insecurity far away so I can get back in the race to run with endurance. Thank you, Lord for your unending forgivenes and reassurance.

Jesus, you are my best friend and I long for the day I can see your face and throw myself at your feet and praise you all day and spend your birthdays face to face. Can we still have Christmas in heaven? Every Day? Ahhh, that would be amazing! Thank you for being the Ultimate gift and, Lord, my prayer is for those who have forgotten or do not know you will discover You this Christmas, your love and forgiveness and the blessings you have in store for those that love you. Thank you for what you have already done this season and what you will continue to do in the kingdom.

I can't get enough of the 'winter snow' song because of the lyrics. It captures the essence of your humility and grace. You came so humbly to the earth and you never push your way into anyone's life. You are my King and you came just to show me how much you love ME and so that I can spend forever in paradise with you. Your presence in my life is so real and the only thing that I can ever be sure of. You are enough for me, Jesus. Abba, I love you and I pray I honor you on your birthday and everyday. And forgive me for the times I fall short, Father. You are the most precious gift I have, Jesus. And I pray, Lord, you give me boldness, humility and your light shines bright through me so I can share you with others so that they may come to know you, too. To really know you; closely & intimately. I pray we only get closer this year, God. I need more and more of you. There can never be enough. I wanna be more like you in every way. I want my shortcomings to be less and less frequent. I am ever so grateful that you are so patient with my Peter-like ways and mouth. I pray that you take every part of my being and use it to glorify your holy name.

Thank you so much, Jesus. I hope you are glorified on your birthday and everyday this year by your servants here on earth anxiously awaiting your return. I pray as we go into this new year Lord that I have an ear to hear and a willing heart to do whatever it is that will draw me nearer to you, Daddy.

Your Daughter,

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's been awhile...

Taking leaps of faith has really paid off and so has making my prayer life/relationship with my savior a priority. God is blessing us beyond our wildest dreams since Josh quit his job just a few short weeks ago. We have a great support system of amazing friends and family. I'm so excited to see what the future holds!

We celebrated Madison's 5th birthday on Saturday. It was a blast! Pictures to come on FB. I cant believe my baby will be 5 on Thursday, but I LOVE that I'm only 25 with a 5 year old. LOL. We had a bouncer, some Chick-Fil-a, of course, and most importantly lots of friends and family. We truly felt blessed by those who came to celebrate our little Madison. Thank you so much!

God is in a work of restoring our family and it has been beyond awesome, I cant even describe it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my seesters and what God is doing. We just did family pics yesterday and it was hilarious. The rain, the kids, Linda looking gangster with her hood on....HILARIOUS. Pictures also coming on FB.

Yesterday 12/5/10, Pastor Jeff's message about being joyful was so refreshing. I think "joy" is one of my favorite subjects. I definitely recommend listening to it, especially if you are going through hard times.

ok, I'm semi caught-up...maybe more blogging later...what do you want to hear more of?