Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gangs all here!

So we have lots of visitors this week! My uncle Rob is here from Hawaii, as well as Patrick is visiting before his deployment. Unfortunate circumstances have brought my Uncle Rob out, but it's been good spending time with him nonetheless. We are hoping little Levi comes any day now and these 2 will still be here to meet him! That would be such a bonus!

There are some amazing things going on in our life right now! We have been blessed by all the amazing family we have been surrounded with and the wonderful friends in our life. Josh received his pay back after it being cut in January. This has been an adventurous year with many high highs and some low lows and it looks as if it will continue in that pattern. Josh and I are ready to meet the challenges we face as this year holds a lot of uncertainty in many areas.

Most likely the next time I post will be when Levi is here. And thanks to our fabulous new Blackberry's we'll have pictures up of him instantly on FB! Be sure to check our facebooks for all the details as soon as he arrives! And if you dont have a facebook, well, your missin' out, Son.