Friday, March 12, 2010


That's definitely how I feel right now. I have a little bit of everything on my plate right now. Balance is a beautiful thing and I think I do a decent job of keeping it. I've been helping Josh conduct some of the things that need to get done for the business, I exercise everyday, I am definitely trying to set aside time to talk to God and just be with him, the girls and I have developed a pretty good morning routine of games, crafts, coloring, playing, sing & dancing or whatever we feel like doing, snuggling with Levi and time with Josh. Throw trying to find a home and build the business on just normal life is crazy, oh and we also started FPU again. It's awesome, I love that I feel like were always moving in a forward motion and not just sedentary waiting for God to drop life into our laps. Were trying to make the best of the talents, money, time, energy and everything else God has generously blessed us with.

We have set out a new hefty goal for ourselves and Im ready for the challenge BRING IT ON!! We want to pay off our van by the time we are moving into a house (the end of June is the ultimate goal). It's just a goal, its not the end of the world if it doesnt happen, but it would be an amazing thing if it did! That would make us debt free besides student loans and then we could attack those FULL FORCE! We are going back to being GAZELLE INTENSE!! We know what we are capable of when we really buckle down!

Just felt like updating my blog and sharing what's on my plate and sharing our goal so I we can hold oursleves accountable and work our tails off!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My 5 Favorite "I hate Jake Facebook Posts"

Holley Eubanks - Does jake honestly think he is gonna get votes on dancing with the stars? Everyone pretty much hates him hahah

Tami Walton - Jake's an idiot, Vienna's a man, and Tenley ROCKS!

Natalie Ruacho - you have got to be kidding me. I officially hate the Bachelor.

Wendy Miller - I'm throwing up in my mouth right now... hold on while I go spit it out... NASTY!!! Jake you're a douche!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony Donatelli - wishing I stayed current with the bachelor so I could be furious along with every one else right now.

Haha. I dont agree with his decision but I understand it. Still Team Tenley!

Happy Birthday Haylie Baylie Boo!

Yesterday was Haylie's BIG 3rd birthday party! It truly blessed me to have so many friends and family come celebrate my little Haylie. She was so grateful and was so excited seeing everyone. Watching her run to every single person that came just warmed my heart to no end. She is such a lover. She just loves everyone and loves all her gifts. Today is her actual birthday and we are going through all her really cool gifts and playing with them all! LOL And thanks to those of who RSVP'd and didnt show up, I will be eating hotdogs for the next month!! hahaha!

Please keep praying that the Lord helps us find the right home. We'll find out one way or another on one home today and I'm trying to not get too attached to anything we look at but I LOVEEEEE this house, BUT I know the Lord knows whats best for us and I'm trusting Him. We also have some financial hurdles to overcome this month and next which it makes it uber-stressful while we are trying to buy a house, but I know the Lord will provide. I'm definitely learning to lean on in Him and pray more, something I haven't done as much as I should have in the past.

Thank you for all your love and prayers!