Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blessings & ruts

The blessings of the Lord come in many different forms and the Lord has been blessing us with some awesome new friends. Not to discredit the friends we already have because they are a blessing, too.

In the process of throwing Andrea's baby shower, I'm getting to know Ashley and we've had a blast together and now we're getting to know her husband, Aaron, who is a crack up. We've been hanging out and getting to know Linda's son, Jonathan. I've reconnected with Erika and she's been a real encouragement. And we've been meeting new people right and left, all of which are godly and genuinely sweet folks. I love the word 'folks' ha. It's just been great to see God opening doors on new friendships. Sometimes when you have 3 kids and are trying to build a business, you get a little detached from the social world.

Everything fell through on the one house we had an offer in on, but we are actually grateful for that door to be closed and we are just going to keep praying and pursuing another path. I know God has the perfect house for us so I'm not worried about. It's great how you discover and pursue something you wannt and then God closes the door and then reveals an even more awesomer (it's a word today) plan. In the meantime we'll just keep saving.

I am really looking forward to Andrea's baby shower this weekend. This is the first shower I have ever thrown. We've never really been a place financially to be able to do something like that. I've really enjoyed it and am looking forward to doing more of them in the future!

Lately I have been in a rut. This is my version of confession right now: Getting out of bed in the morning has been a chore. The other day I ate half a pan of brownies while watching Grey's Anatomy re-runs and when Josh worked last week I had a whole small thing of Ben & Jerry's in bed. An I had coke, from a bottle, for dinner last night. It didn't even taste good! SO. NOT. ME. I just cant seem to get out this slump. I haven't worked out, really done my hair or put on my face in like 3 weeks. I put on makeup yesterday and it was like my face rejected it. I need a pick me up, like get my hair did or get a facial or some sort of beautfying ritual to restore my faith of having the ability to start making myself look like a normal human being each morning. Today I will develop a game plan and tomorrow I will put it into action bc momma frumpasaurus is just NOT acceptable. My poor husband. I'll get back to my old self, honey, dont worry. xoxo

Well, I think we're preety much as updated as we're going to get here. I gotta go do something with myself, we have a playdate and I dont want to scare the children. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

You are always beautiful.....go treat yourself to something that will make you feel good inside so your beauty will shine through. Love you and am proud of all your accomplishments. Glad the lord is blessing you with spiritual people who can share in his word and also in new friendships. melina

Anonymous said...

Just step aWAY from the Coke! ...MommaKat

Mrs. G said...

I was in a rut before I was hospitalized.. After I got out of the hospital, I said enough is enough and went and got my nails done.. Even just that made me feel better.. Then, I got my hair done, and started tanning aka laying out by my pool.. lol.. I also lost 18 pounds.. It took me a while to get out of my lazy routine, but i feel so good now :) Maybe go treat yourself to a night out with no kids?? Or get a polish change on your toes.. I hope you get out of your rut soon :)

Matthew said...

You should head up and come see your favorite brother. Me that is. I need some family up here. Its been crazy busy and I wanna see you guys and the kids. I'll be expecting you.

Erika Grover said...

Hey so I've been in a rut too! And I do good for like a day or 2 but for about a month now I'm not being my consistant super disciplined self...I haven't had the motivation to work out or anything. I miss my toned body & flat tummy. And most of all my positive attitude all the time...eating right & working out makes you feel good like a high (except I've never been high so I'm guessing)So let's hold each other accountable ... Stace & I do this also...we swap recipees confess out badness lol...Let's get the kids in the stroller & go for walks now that it's cooling down?

P.s.You look great tho! I know what it feels like to FEEL icky & be in a slump tho.

Priscilla said...

Im totally down for long walks!! I used to walk from Graziano's to Brookwood. I miss it!

Priscilla said...

oh and ps stacey I got a pedi yesterday! my toes are ship shape!! LOL