Monday, August 9, 2010

So full of joy

So many things running through my head today! Prepare yourself for the randomness that is to follow.

I started reading "Bringing Up Girls" by Dr. James Dobson. I'm looking forward to really diving in it and getting encouragement and guidance. Raising kids in todays society where there is immorality everywhere you turn is a daunting task. We, as parents, are going to be held accountable to how we raised our kids and what we allowed them to be exposed to. Being a parent is a huge responsibility. I lay at night often and go through what we did that day, how I responded in certain situations. Did I have enough patience? Did I discipline them appropriately and in love? Am I protecting them enough? Being a parent is rough. Raising them according to God's word is quite the calling. I definitely need to be in prayer and seeking God more in this area of my life, because I just flat out don't always know the right, or more appropriately, the godly parental actions to take. Anyhow that's been rolling around in my noodle, as it does often.

Few "why" & "how-is-it-that" questions on my mind:

- How is it that everytime I purchase an area rug it must smell wretched? The newest one smells like B.O. and no amount of fabreze will do. Boo hiss.

- How is it that some of the most "educated" people (that brag about being "educated") have the most atrocious spelling? Kinda makes me LOL...ceep on bragen, sweats!

- Why do people, who dont have nice things to say about others, still try and befriend them? This one really baffles me, if you dont like them then go make new friends. Difficult? I think not.

- Why must people complicate Christianity? There is a God. He sent his Son in human form who died for your sins to offer you the gift of Salvation. You MUST accept this gift, not JUST believe it and you must seek him and strive to live by his word.

- Why do people withold forgiveness? Not smart. It will only eat away at you.

Ok that is all, I'm looking forward to answers for any of those, fill free to chime in.

ALSO, I see there are many readers/perusers/stalkers/fans - please become a follower. Not only will it allow me to seem very popular and cool, I can check you out, as well. Win-Win.

Thanks for all the feedback on my last blog. I was really bracing myself for a whiplash from Cali-Lifers, but EVERY single comment I received here and on FB echoed similar thoughts. We should start a movement. A literal movement. Move where the buffalo roam and let
California go down with the twisted liberals and those they support taking advantage of ALL the systems in this great state.

If you haven't read my "note" on fb yet about letting Wal-Mart execs take over, you should. A great point was made.

Quick weekend recap for those that love hearing about my whirlwind weekends. Friday, I had a great night shopping and chatting with mommaKat. She has some awesome stories. She has a dresser that used to be owned by one of the Beach Boys. Stories like that. And I so value her wisdom and encouragement.

Saturday we hung out then hit the Crusade after Chevy's! The kids LOVED it. We went with my Dad, Yi and her family. The music and message were touching. Watching people give their lives to Christ is a feeling that's unexplainable. I really thought Madison & Haylie would have checked out by this time, but they couldn't take their eyes off all the people flooding the field. I explained that all those people were asking Jesus to come into their hearts and they were giving their lives to him. Madison had a small grasp on this concept and she looked back at the crowds and said "it's beautiful." Yes, baby girl, it is beautiful. My life is SO rich.

Sunday we went to Xander's Pirate birthday. My girlfriend Andrea had it decorated so cute! Xander and his Dad even made the pinata themselves. It was a pirate ship and the kids had to launch softballs, aka cannonballs, to get it down. He was so cute opening his gifts and so grateful for everything. I love that family and we are blessed to have them as friends! Later we watched night 3 of the crusade and it was just pure awesomeness. You can still watch the crusades online. You can also give to support the crusades. They announced that this year has been tight and the funds are lacking. Can't think of anything better to give to.

My blog title is as random as this blog. Hope you enjoyed!

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MommaKat said...

LOVE THIS (especially the 'win-win' part): ALSO, I see there are many readers/perusers/stalkers/fans - please become a follower. Not only will it allow me to seem very popular and cool, I can check you out, as well. Win-Win