Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the "interest" bug

I went to check our online savings account and saw we had $4.21 interest this month. I found this to be VERY thrilling. Our interest rate is a measely 1.1% (although thats better than most money market accounts right now, so I shouldn't complain). HOWEVER, I thought to myself "hmmm, self, what if we had 10 times what we have in there right now? Our interest would be over $40.00 a month." That would be pretty neat. Then I said (quietly in my brain again) "Self, what if we had 100 times that in our savings account? That would be over $400 a month!" Sweet! Then for that last time I said "SELF! WHAT IF WE HAD 1000 TIMES THIS IN OUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT?? (or one day mutual funds etc etc) WE WOULD BE MAKING OVER FOUR GRAND A MONTH IN INTEREST!!" WOWZA!! Thats like one persons income! eek! and this is all based on a truly sad interest rate compared to what you can do if you invest in good mutual funds!! So, yes, I knew how interest worked and such but when I saw it, it just got me really excited for just saving saving saving! Who knew saving money could be such a BLAST?! I highly recommend it! I totally plan on doing a much more personal blog, but I just wanted to share my glee with everyone. haha :)

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