Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Like a 2 week recap. Sorry.

We'll just start with the weekend of the 4th, Josh had a 3-day weekend so we booked all of our window appointments around that as well. Being your own boss and making your own schedule is pretty much the most awesome thing EVER. So we had a garage sale which turned into "operation let's turn linda's house upside down" We cleaned out the garage and got rid of "treasures" she's obtained at other garage sales. We made a nice little chunk of change which helped us get started on our mini-remodel of her house. I will have to seta side an entire blog dedicated to that with some befores and afters of the newly painted rooms, spacious garage and beautiful backyard when we have a chance to get to that. That's a big part of what has been occupying our time, just organizng and cleaning and moving. It's been crazy. We've also been helping my nana move into her new beautiful home in Placentia! LUVS IT that she is a good 30 minutes closer to us!

Ok, back to the recap, so garage sale was awesome, then we had pre-4th of July Bbq with my dad and his family and highlight: MDM Jr. biking to join us. You're awesome. Then 4th of July was full of more awesomeness. We just bbq'd and played in the pool and then headed over to Santana with the rest of Corona. Thanks to Felisha & fam we had awesome seats! Kids of course LOVED the fireworks and best of all my Dad and Yi came with us, as well as Izabella! I love family and friends! On Monday, we went to the Santa Ana Zoo!! The kids had a blast!

When we got back I began prepping for the celebration of my birth! Went and got my toes painted "Vegas cocktail waitress" gold and then had my caterpillars, er I mean brows threaded. It hurt so good! The next day was my 25th Birthday! I received so much Birthday Love from Everyone! I honestly have the best friends and family a girl could ask for! We went to Chevy's, my fave! (attn ladies: lets plan a girls night out there..SOON) I received so many thoughtful and great gifts. One of which was a new apron with pies all over it! Ah, the simple things make me the most happy!

After the Birthday high it was back to long hours of working, moving and cleaning. BUT, we did find time to skating. HA! Almost died a few times, all Josh's fault. Holley was pretty entertaining, as well.

On thurs we went to a MAC party and got MAC makeup for $5 a piece! It was absurd! Then we hustled to Nana's and packed up a ton of her stuff for the Sunday move! Friday we celebrated auntie Ro's birthday and Josh's mom watched all 3 kids for the afternoon! It was glorious! I was so grateful to have an afternoon for adult conversation and a tiny bit of shopping with the ladies! Saturday my parents had their gargae sale so I put out some stuff my nan had given me on thurs that she no longer wanted and made another $175! Woo! Straight to the house fund! That night we took the kids to TAPS for their Build your Own sundae trough!Watching their eyes light up as the server pours on disgusting amounts of sugar in different forms was totally worth it! Sunday was my surprise birthday outting with the my father in law and mommakat! they took us down to Newport where Mommakat and I did a cooking class at Sur la Table and Josh, his dad and the kids went to the mall and the park. I LOVED IT! Cant wait to take another one! Then I HAD to buy the grilling skillet he was using, since I am the primary chef in this fam, heating up the grill for a quick summertime dinner is, quite frankly, a pain in my rear. I spent $90 on this bad boy and I'm PROUD of it. It's got a lifetime warranty. I'm pretty much stoked. If you know me, you know I would never just shovel out $90 for anything. I also bought this gorgeous Americana tray, no plans for it yet, but it was clearanced and I LOVE Americana. And I bought this casserole dish, also clearanced. Thought my scalloped potaotes would look lovely in it! YUM!

Phew, it's been utter craziness! I'm looking forward to the Sawdust festival with the besties and our 6 kids! Look out, Laguna!! A date with my bestest tomorrow with the kiddos and our move to Miss Linda's house.


House - ALMOST went into foreclosure which would have sucked because it would be bank-owned and we'd have to resubmit our offer to a different agent, BUT thankfully Greg (the selling agent who we happened to know and is ignoring all other offers on said property so he can push ours thru as soon as BofA [hatethem] formerly rejects an investors last offer) was able to have the bank submit a letter to the trustee to have the foreclosure stopped! woo! Whatever that all means...LOL...jk, but it was kinda stressful CUZ I WANT THIS HOUSE!!! I will get more invested in telling you all about it when there is some indication it might actually show signs of being mine some day soon (before christmas - fingers crossed, prayers sent)

P90X - haven't done it every day bc of all the moving. it's been a workout in itself, but I did do it today and am on Day 13! Gonna keep trucking along even if I miss a day and I have totally noticed a difference. Less flabby & wayyy more energy.

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