Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Does anyone have an extra $40,000 they dont want?

Because I would seriously put it to reat use if you do. Josh and I sat down and we were looking at all of the things we want to purchase in the next year, give or take, and we're coming up a leeetle short. I wonder if we can do it?

-Down Payment & Closing Costs
-$$$ for remodel (not necessarily a 'extreme home makeover' type remodel, but more of like let's just make this liveable remodel)
-pay off the van
-purchase a work truck
-furniture $$$

These aren't in order, except the first one obviously, which is pretty much knocked out. It's funny because when you don't have X amount of $$, X amount sounds like a fortune and then when you actually save X amount, it feels like nothing at all really because you want to pull it in so many directions and it doesnt stretch or multiply on it's own, unfortunately. After we started talking about all this, we remembered Madison is going to be starting Kindergarten next year which means Private School tuition. {wince} Homeschooling for the first few years is still a possibility, but I'm not sure yet. Public school, right now, is out of the question. I'm not opposed to looking into whichever school is our areas designated school when that time comes, but so far I'm not too keen on California's Public School System.

I really wished I has started being smart with my money since I got my first job at Quizno's when I was 15. Just imagine what an awesome financial place we would be in if I had learned to do smart things with my money. I am proud of Josh and I though. At one time we were over $90,000 in debt and now we are at $59,000. That's school loans and our van. That's it. And if we can pay off our van we'll be at less than $50,000. Soon as we're in our house we will go back to full throttle of paying down our debt, but for now we have put out Dave RamseyNaziness aside and are focused on getting a house. I cannot wait to start making our a house a home and building even more traditions. I just want a place any of our friends and family know they can stop in and are welcome anytime and I can whip up something delish. A place I can decorate to the max for Christmas and it will be talked about for generations to come. I want a garden and plenty of room for all kinds of crafts and I want our kids handprint in the cement in the backyard...



Matthew said...

Maybe you should find a house in AZ. Then everything would be awesome.

Genn said...

Hi Priscilla,

I saw your comment on my blog.
I'm just wondering why all my sister's friends want to still be able to read my blog? You know Erika and I don't speak right?

Priscilla said...

I am aware that you and Erika do not speak, but I am not aware of the circumstances. I suppose I want to read your blog for the same reasons others want to read them because I enjoy the pictures of your girls and the rest of your family. I am in awe of the fabulous shots you take with your camera. I also enjoy seeing how much you love and cherish your husband which is a breath of fresh air when these days marriages are falling apart left and right. I never saw your blog as the mecca for drama and negativity, but perhaps you are going that direction with it, hence the private settings. If in that case, feel free not to include me. Just because I am a friend of Erika's does not mean I have an interest in your personal relationship with her. I simply enjoyed your tales of motherhood and pictures.

Erika Grover said...

I especially love the part of this blog where you want to have your kids handprints in your backyard! You will have them one day soon! :)