Saturday, July 31, 2010


So my hair is dark and I heart it. What I heart most is that it cost me a whopping $8.99. That's right, I box-dyed it. You know me, I'm almost looking to save a penny and it hurts forking out over $100 to get my mane done. The last time I got my hair done, I first had a friend come over and trim ($20) my long locks and it wasn't exactly what I had wanted so I had Stephanie Vargas come over and cut it shorter and put what was supposed to be a small amount of highlights in my hair. The highlights weren't at all what I asked for, they were chunky and all over the place. I had asked for just a few around my face. Nonetheless, I paid her $45 for her efforts. A few days later, my sister was straightening my hair and realized my hair resembled the bunny slope. It was totally and absurdly crooked, I promptly took a picture of and sent it to Stephanie who was apologetic and kind and agreed to give me a partial refund since getting it fixed was a must. NOW, the reason I dont mind using her name is because she NEVER sent me my refund, EVER. It's been almost 3 months and we communicated about it twice and she told me she would send it asap and hadnt sent it before bc she had to pay her sick baby's copay. I would have just told her to forget it and not worry in that case, BUT a few days prior her fb status had exclaimed and I quote "shopping, shopping and more shopping". Unless she was perusing the aisles for perscriptions and this made her heart fill with glee so much she had to update about it, it seemed pretty shady to me. Okay, so now I'm out $65 and I have WHACK hair. After much convincing from my husband, who at this point is willing to sell his left leg just to not listen to me whine and cry about my fandangled hair, I head to Bliss. It was bliss. I met Paige and she made my hair beautious and then I let her talk me into some dagnabbit product (although amazing - makes my hair POOFY). $82 more dollars later I look half way decent. So at least by using a box color this time I'm able to somewhat makeup for my hair mishaps last time. I'm happy to report my risk paid off.

The housing stuff is starting to look up! We were ALMOST the #1 offer on a BEAUTIFUL house off Weirick. BUT we put our offer in a day late. So we are the #1 back up if it falls through and it made me very hopeful. We put in 4 offers the other day. I know there is a perfect house for us. I'm being patient. Meanwhile we are at Linda's and it's been great. I enjoy cooking for lots of people. The kids are adjusted and even all sleeping in the same room and LOVE IT. It's so cute to see all 3 of them come toddling out of the same room in the morning!

Josh is taking on another venture. He will be doing freelance graphic design for a local company. I love watching my husband get excited about designing and creating things. It's hot, actually. He is so talented and this is an awesome opportunity for him.

Mr. Handsome is getting so big! He says "cracker" and "go". That is all. LOL I'm not worried about it though. I love that he is still so babyish and cuddly and makes so many adorable sounds.

We are getting ready to go visit Uncle Matt in Arizona. Perhaps we'll kidnap him and bring him home with us...hmmmmm. We're excited to get in some much needed uncle Matt time!

I signed up as a creative memories consultant again. Not sure what direction I'll take it in, but for now, it's just to get my discount! woo! I love a discount.

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Erika Grover said...

I loved this post. I'm sorry to hear about your hair excusions that seems like you had a happy ending! Phew! lol

I too cannot spend too much $ on my "mane" lol A gf this past weekend who I hadn't seen in awhile had the longest prettiest hair & her hair is a lot like mine real thick N course...she said she NEVER cuts it( neither do I) & uses some product I've never heard of sold at Somthing Savvy. . . I'm all over that!!