Thursday, June 17, 2010

Has a case of the giggles =)

Soooo, my night was good, but then got a little glum, and then after a pep talk with the husband and the seester I had a full case of the giggles come about. She's been texting her new beau and she looked up and asked me "what's something random about me?" Being the compassionate loving sister I am, I could only think of hilariously royally embarrassing things to say which led us down memory lane that was full of small dogs, the hazards of walking and other lovely unpleasantries. Then we had contest between the 3 of us of who could have the deepest voiced and Holley once again marveled at my ability to sound like an african american male. She decided she would practice. At this point in the blog I would kill to be able to insert a voicenote of her not so cute low note. Hilarious just the same! We then started in our repeating lines from our favorite movie 'Spaceballs' which led to me buying it for a grand total of .99 cents on amazon! Happy early birthday present for me! Ah, but anyhow, I love those nights you just get on a roll and have a great laugh.

Matt left today. He made it safe and we have a family tokbox date tonight. I'm so excited for him! He really did find a great job and it's perfect for him. Don't get me wrong tho, I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for an even better one her...LOL. Glad we got to have lunch with him right before he headed out.

Job sitch: Josh has had the week off and even tho he KILLED it in windows, he's staying put at GM until we are in a house.
House sitch: After withdrawing from 2 offers, we're back on the prowl. That's all the info I can divulge for now cuz it's all I got!
Kid Sitch: They're Awesome. Best kids ever. Got some new pics of Levi wolfin down doughnut. Cant wait to put those up. He was in heaven! LOL

Now were watching Man vs Food and they are showing places in San Diego. Um, thats totally doable! When we go on our Harrah's vacay down there we now have a list of AMAZING places to eat at!

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