Saturday, June 26, 2010


wow. So I've done the P90X Yoga X before, but I only did the first 45 minutes. I did the whole thing this time and LOVED it. And I love how I feel after. When you read article about Jennifer Aniston keeping her body awesome or Giselle Bundchen talking about getting her pre-baby body back they claim they they do Yoga. Honestly until today I thought that was a crock, but after 90 minutes of that (and if you did it often) it's totally plausible. I really enjoyed it. I was a little hesitant to spend 90 precious minutes of naptime doing it, but now I'm looking forward to it a week from now. I'm only on Day 4 of P90X, but I'm very determined to go much further than last time. I only made to Day 25 or so. I now have 86 to go. Kind of a bumer that I stopped doing it when I did because at 3 weeks I was just noticing a difference in how toned I felt. I'm looking forward to getting to that point again.

It's all about balance. Being a mom of 3 is tough. Toss in exercise, helping run a business, cleaning, sometimes transcripts and all those other little things us girls like to do such as a devotion, bikini wax (yes, I do my own at home; $6 dollars, ladies - completely worth it), read a good book, blog, catch up with a friend, make a pie, reorganize something, plan an event (seems like there is one every time I turn around), take an UNINTERRUPTED shower etc. etc.

So I would def. recommend trying it if you haven't! Have a great weekend!

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