Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chipotle, Tokbox & Loofahs...Did I get it all?

I have been wanting to sit down and blog for a few days now, but I like to blog when I can upload some pictures, too. To give all of you visual representation of all my fairytales, horror stories or just mundane life. One thing I've been really wanting to blog about is cooking. Since we moved in with my parents, I haven't done hardly any decent cooking and I MISS IT! So, I've been on a cooking spree and I cook in anyone's kitchen that will let me! Last Friday I grilled us up some steaks, they were about medium-well. I was shooting for at least medium...oh well. I put together a wedge salad. I'm dying to know how to do a vinaigrette reduction like Outback does with their wedge, but I haven't learned yet. I also did roasted artichokes and whipped up a chipotle mayo dip.

So in the pics you can see the can I used for the dip, this chipotle can also be whipped into sour cream for tacos or on chili or even in a ranch for a chipotle ranch for a santa fe type salad. I'm looking forward to experimenting with it! I'm learning tons of new things while gooking with either Gary or Kathryn and I'm soaking up every bit!

So last week Josh had the week off and we picked up 13 new accounts. Our business has really had a snowball effect and it's been amazing. It's really growing which it couldn't be happening at a better time as we are trying sock more and more money away for a house and thngs the house is going to need once we get it. We have a saavings goal we are trying to hit by the end of July and we are over half way there with $4500 left to go, then we'll set a new goal. Baby steps. I made a huge poster with a meter so I can look at it everyday. Everytime I'm tempted to buy something I am going to come home and write on the sides of the poster all of the things I passed up for the greater good! LOL

Matt left last Thursday and we have tokboxed with a him a few times. The kids thought it was so cool. We soooo take technology for granted, sometimes. I am so glad the kids can still talk to Uncle Matt and visa versa.

I cut handsome's hair.

It's stinkin adorable! It was time. It was so long it was gettin in his eyeballs. Now he's the spitting image of his daddy, which of course melts my heart. I love it.

I started P90X yesterday. 1 down 89 to go. ugh. I'm SUPER sore cuz I havent done it in over a month, so sad. BUT I have been feeling VERY out of shape and that drives me nuts, so it's back to killin myself again. Naptimes have become very crazy. The second the kids are asleep. I am hammering out transcripts for the mother in law. She has been the Court Reporter for some of the GM arbitrations. Very interesting and I love being able to make good $$$ at home! Such a blessing!!
Now I'm trying to squeeze in a workout then shower and maybe a blog. Just depends on how quick I can MOVE. Clearly you can see the blog rarely makes the cut!

So Father's Day was awesome! Woke up and I ade omelets for everyone. Healthy ones from the P90X cook book. Then Holley and I met up with our dad and got to fill him in on stuff. I miss my dad. Then when we got home, Josh took the kids in the pool.

And then later we did dinner at Lauren & MommaKat's (Josh's dad & his wife). I brought my strawberry rhubarb pie!

We did gifts for Josh at different times during the day so...
7 am - new tumbler he can put the kids pics in
9 am - New button up Hurley Shirt
12 pm - Noodles for the pool
3 pm - His favorite pens for doing quotes
5 pm - A coupon for his favorite rib dinner
7 pm - A sweet treat, A cup filled with some of his favorite cand bars
9 pm - A loofah. He loves them and he's not ashamed. LOL

We're house hunting in Corona. We put our first offer in last night and looked at a few other homes. That's all the news on that for now.

I honestly hate doing these catch up blogs bc it doesnt leave me time and space to embellish on one subject. I will try to stay on top of it so you can enjoy my creative juices at their finest!


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