Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Best Cookies from the WORST cook.

Dont worry, I already warned my mother in law I would be naming my blog this. Ha! Let's see, this weekend Uncle Matt came over and set up our web cam so we can stay in touch even more so! That was pretty cool. >

Later, Josh, me, Matt, Nate & Erin went out Friday to Fred's in HB. (My husband is hot even when brushing his teeth. Hehe)
We had a BLAST! We just walked on the pier and goofed off.

Saturday was our 5 year anniversary but we are both so exhausted and busy that we took a vote and unanimously decided to put off the Anniversary celebration until perhaps this weekend. We did, however, go over to Linda's and I made Acapulco Delight. I got the recipe from my nana, not sure where she got it, but it would be similar to a Mexican Casserole. I just went to google to see if I could find a pic, cuz I didn't take one but they have the exact recipe on http://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs/1119/Acapulco-Delight109326.shtml. I omitted the olives bc, well, olives are heinous and you shouldn't eat them. I also used a large can of refried beans as opposed to the smaller on and I did not use the taco seasoning, I mixed about 1.5 cups of salsa (whatever is your favorite) to give it flavor. I find packeted taco seasoning to be way too salty. So there you have it!

Sunday was Matt's going away party. ::Sigh:: We had a great time and had lots of great people who brought lots of great food. My mother in law, who I often tease about her horrendous cooking skills, has mastered the chocolate chip cookie. It is ridiculous how good they are. Between marrying Gary who couldn't screw up a meal if he tried and has made some of the best homemade dishes I've ever had and giving Mrs. Fields a run for her money, I'd say she done good by me! Thank you to everyone who participated! During the course of the evening I was attacked by a killer rose bush in the front yard, but as you can see I lived to tell about it. I topped my Sunday off with going to get a green tea with my bestest, Melina. So much has been going on and it was awesome so just be able to decompress all the craziness of the past few weeks! I <3 her and I'm so thankful for friends who are accepting of the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Erika Grover said...

I'm so glad also to have those kinds of friends. Who wanna get tea to catch up...or even just to listen to you vent or cry!

P.s. I'm craving a big chocolate chip cookie now! haha