Thursday, June 3, 2010

almost positive even numbers are out to get me

It's true. Odd numbers are my friend and even numbers are my archnemesis. Welcome to June, month SIX in 2010. I was married in an odd year 05, all my kids were born in odd years; 05, 07, 09. I graduated in an odd year, 03. started our business in 09, paid off our debt in 09. Now it's true, my life has not seen too much tragedy, but it has had its fair share of hardship and I would put money on the peaks of hardships lay in the even years. SO I can't say I lost dear aunt Mable in 2008, cuz well, those statistics just dont exist, but I have had this theory for awhile and it pretty much ALWAYS pans out. Call me crazy, but I believe. Just in this months alone, the whole 3 days it's existed have been UGLY. Not even a hint of good news, just more and more bleh. I can't say "bad news" because for some my bad news is their good news. Example: Brother-in-law, Uncle, Bestie, Brother, confidant, pal, muchacho, amigo whatever you wanna call him, is moving to AZ. Where is the "I flippen hate this" button when you need it? I'm really trying to limit my complaining because I really dont want to be selfish and whiny, but I'm very displeased with this. Also on this fine day in month SIX, realized someone hit our car and didnt leave a note. Thanks, Jerk. Received an e-mail that was very unpleasant from a very disturbed individual that was just hate-filled. I'm a fixer, but I can't even begin to fix people on the crazy train that refuse to get off and live in reality. We should send the crazies to Crazy-Island where Spencer Pratt reigns and reality is whatever is in your head in that moment and you spew it out as you please.

You know what the major bummer is? I was stoked for June. STOKED. And, June, well, you have just let me down BIG TIME. Timeout for you! Can we just skip to July, MONTH SEVEN! YESSS! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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