Monday, May 31, 2010

Beach Vacay!

I will be calling this weekends adventure a vacation. If you know us even just a tiny bit, you know Josh works EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. pretty much. So 2 days down by the beach just enjoying being a family was absolutely a vacation.

We started off the vacay spending the night at Nanas and waking up and hanging out with her Sunday morning. I, for some reason, thought it was Saturday. idk. That's completely irrelevant to this blog, but anyhow. After Mr. Handsome got a morning nap in we headed out to Newport to dine at the fine Perry's Pizza. It took us 45 minutes to find parking. the kids were champs. After driving around for 40 minutes, Josh had to go stalk people leaving to try and get their spot. Low and behold we found someone and he stood in the spot til I could get over there. Victory!

We were pretty starved at this point and headed straigh to Perry's. A-mazing. Newport itself was a little ghetto. Just sayin'. The girls had a blast playing with Daddy, but Hansome wasnt havin' any of that. He didn't like getting sunblock on, he detested the sand and the water. No sun hat for him. So after an hour we went on our own little excursion of the shops. Came across a super cute swimmy shop. $200 swimmy's? I wonder if they finance? We left. We got us some yogurt, they only took cash, totally our kind of place, haha! We shared us some yummy original tart with kiwis.
When we headed back the girls were pretty sand and watered out so we packed up showered off and headed to the Crowne Plaza to check in. We paid a ludicrously cheap price of $54 for this uber-nice hotel. Thank you, Hotwire! We showered up and rested for a little bit then headed to Main St. Huntington to eat dinner at 'Beachfront 301'

Ew. Ew. Ew. Do. Not. Eat. There. Me being meticulous and organized had planned our mini-vacay to the detail so we budgeted just right. I got a $25 gift certificate for said restaurant off for a mere $2. I figure "ok, it's survived being on Main St. they must have decent food and service" Wrong, I sould have read the reviews on Yelp first. We go in and seat ourselves and sit for an agonizing 15-20 minutes. Agonizing because all 3 kids fell asleep in the car and we had to wake them when we got there and Madison was howling because she said her ear hurt. Vacay Mayday! We figured we would just eat and get outta there, but after we ordered it was still taking 96 years to get our food out and Madison was just miserable and Haylie follows suit just because, she is miserable by default and Handsome, well, he hates reataurants as it is. Basically, Josh and I are hating life at this moment in time. They finally brought a soup for Haylie and my wedge salad. I think most people reading will agree that a salad is best chilled. I took a bite into this warm salad with blue cheese crumbles that looked like oversided parmesan bits and thought "thats it!" Im not going to lose my sanity when the food is not even edible! Josh hunted down the manager and I said "My daughter is sick, we are 86 years older than when we first walked in the door and my salad is warm. We are leaving. Sorry. Bye" and with that we left. We hustled to Albertsons to get pain reliever that worked super quick and Madison was fine, but we dropped her at Nana's when we went to attempt dinner again at Souplantation. Love that place, never disappoints! After we grabbed Madison went back to the hotel and hit the sack. Madison's earache never came back. Praise the Lord!

Unfortunately I started feeling sick in the middle of the night and didnt get to enjoy the delectable breakfast buffet with an omelet bar like I was so ecstatic to do! Oh well, I spared myself some colories I guess. After breakfast we checked out and headed to HB and just hung out for a few hours until we headed to nanas to shower and dress and head to a bbq at my dads.

I forgot about vacation. I forgot how awesome it is to just be you and your best friend and these little people we created. It was amazing. It was simple and relaxing even amidst chaos, there was peace in my head and my heart to just be with them. I can't wait to plan our next one.

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