Saturday, May 22, 2010

A night to remember

It all started out as a simple facebook invite from a boy who is crushing on my sister to no end. Truly, I wish he would go eat dirt, but for some reason he keeps pursuing her. Although good looking and sometimes charming, he's not the one for her. Anyhow, he invites her to come see his band play at 'the Vibe' off University in Riverside. As any girl does she rounds up her female posse; Big Pris, Q-Lin & Er-hair and we head out looking cute for the occasion thinking were heading to a quaint place near the Mission Inn. Ok, maybe not quaint, but decent at the very minimum. Of course, none of brainy beauties thought to look up the joint ahead of time, we just put in our google maps and away we went, unbeknown to us, to ghetto ghetto land. When we arrive, a gentlemen proceeds to wave us into the parking lot with his hips. Hmmm...I guess there might be a few weirdos in the bunch right? Wrong, there were many. We enter this epitome of classiness and a band is setting up. We find my sister's not-so-prince charming milling around. He was very polite and greeted our entire posse. He informed us his band would not be gracing us with their musical talents until 11:30. Lovely, just what a mom of 3 wants to be out all night doing. It was roughly 9:30 since H-dizzle insisted we be early. We wanted to be first in the mosh pit, ya know? We decided to leave and go find somewhere to eat and just come back long enough to see Princey perform. We found a fine sushi joint and had a good time. We even got free Edamame **highlight of the evening** We then headed back to the original destination and went inside ::sigh:: We couldn't find Princey anywhere so we found a spot behind most of the crowd watch a band perform one talentless, screaming song after another. One nice gentlemen kindly shoved us into a hall before one of us was almost injured due to a mosh breaking out.. We then decided we were going to find Princey and see what the deal was. When we went outside, we asked a young man, who I'm sure had the potential to be the next Einstein, where Nick Sanchez was. His reply "In my pants". Einstein and his equally intelligent counterparts broke into girlish hysterical laughter. I, too, was amused. I'm sure for different reasons. We ended up finding Princey on our own and also met his pal, we'll call him Peewee. I'm sure Peewee didn't stand more than 4 ft, by the looks of his habits it wasn't hard to tell what had stunted his growth or his brain cells. Princey said he was still setting up and that they were about to go on. We went back inside for all of 10-15 minutes and then we unanimously decided to leave, call this a laughable learning experience and that we can't wait until it's a distant memory. We head out that back to see Princey just chillin' as we were sitting in that vulgar joint not knowing anyone (for which I'm honestly thankful) Let me tell you all the questions that are now bouncing around in my heads like pinball machine on steroids: Why didn't he bother to invite us to just hang out outside until they went on, knowing we were uncomfortable inside? Why did he even invite my sister if he was just going to act like she didn't even exist? Why did he invite her HERE? What is WRONG with guys' these days, don't they a know good lady is worth putting some serious effort in to? Why am I here?

Clearly the look upon my face showed utter disdain and irritation so Sick Nanchez dumbfoundedly(new word alert) asked me "What is your problem with me, Priscilla? I never did anything to you."

Well, I couldn't keep the kid in suspense! So I let him know exactly what my problem with him was, of course. So not like me to keep secrets, ya know. I told him that I couldn't believe he even invited my sister to such a trash hole and then sat around outside while she was fending for her life from mosh pits inside. I told him I was sick of him messin her around and that he is not a classy person, at all. He had no retort. We left. And then hoo-rahed H-dizzle for leaving and coming to the conclusion to never give that jerk another moment or thought.

We truly will laugh about this. There were some honestly hilarious moments that we will forever treasure. H-dizzle trying to stalk Er-hair in the restroom, showing off my "free" edamame skills, dicovering Lindsey's true name: Lin. thinking a man stole my bracelets from home to only realize those were his own plugs for his EARS?!?! We had many "Dear Heavens?!?!" moments and for that we are truly grateful.


Every Life Has A Story... & This Is Mine said...

Aww ok seriously that was funny but really trying to find Mr. Right is seriously impossible these days. THANK GOD I found Steve when I did! Seriously Holly totally deserves way more then that! Ugh guys totally disgust me! Sounds like one of my many past horror stories of dating! Seriously few weeks from now she will be laughing about this and wondering whatever was she thinking! When Holly meets Mr. Right he will be totally lucky. I know I don't know her that well but I just have a feeling :)

Priscilla said...

hahahaha rmember that guy that picked you up in his hoopty and you ditched him!! SO SAD! LOL hahahaha

Every Life Has A Story... & This Is Mine said...

OMG I so totally forgot about that! HAHA seriously that was HORRIBLE :)

Priscilla said...