Sunday, May 9, 2010

For the Love of Blogs...

I had no idea how many interesting people were blogging or maybe it's just interesting because we are curious beings by nature...hmmm...either way I think it's fantastical! I just LOVE reading your guys' blogs! The family updates, the dating horror stories, the top 10 whatevers, recipes, the weekend recaps - you name it, I'm a fan! After reading so many, I'm beginning to think mine might be a little blah so I'm gonna start sprucing it up a bit to feel up to par with the rest of the well-written, fascinating blogs, a mish mash of some of the above categories. No dating horror stories's been awhile since I've experienced any of those, they will be replaced by the psychotic episodes of toddler children category.

Sidenote: today is Mother's Day! Kinda cool, a day for us Mommy's. The message at church today was such a great reminder of how important our role is as a mother. How all the small things we do that go unappreciated are STILL important. Our greatest ministry is our children. I feel so blessed to have my 3 little ones, they bring me so much joy, at least the times they aren't acting beastly towards me or each other. HA! It does happen, they cant be angels allll the time. Their big snoopy card they gave me with their presh little names written is priceless! Mother's Day is pretty awesome, indeed.

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