Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Things to Toot on Tuesday

Eeek. It's hard to pick just 2 things to toot about. I know what I wanna one of them to be, but the 2nd I'm up in the air. I guess I'll start with what I got.

1. Is it time for Josh to leave his day job? Here's the facts: We have a little bit in savings and we were already contemplating putting off buying a house until next year for other reasons. (we'll qualify for more house bc we can use our business income next year and we'd like to aim to stay in corona) We are now officially bringing in more doing windows than we are at his current job. It's frustraitng that we can rarely get ahold of the people who make the decisions for window cleaning contracts bc we dont have the time to visit businesses during the day. I feel ready, motivated, secure. This is such a scary decision, but extremely exciting all at the same time. We are stretched to the limit right now. He mostly works 7 days a week and sometimes during the week it's 12-14 hour days. It's hard, we miss him. Josh can earn as much as he makes in a week on one Saturday!! Imagine if we could just do that 2 more days a week! I'm just gonna pray that the Lord gives us the green light bc I need to KNOW this is the right decision for us.

2. For the sake of picking a lighter subject: The Bachelorette. That episode was SOOO AWKWARD. The intros, the leaf in her hair, "shooter"??? SERIOUSLY?? GROSS!!Some of those guys need to CHILL. They get more attached then some of the girls on the Bachelor. Looks like there will be some good dramz to see but I hope the coming episodes arent as painful to watch as last nights. I wasn't a huge Ali fan to begin with so we'll see.

Hope everyone elses Tues is tootin along =D


Erika Grover said...

Keeping your business decisions in prayer for you guys!!

Bachlorette...umm Shooter eew! Some of the men fold were HOTTIES tho! Some...not so much.

Priscilla said...

Ya, glad she weeded out some of the crazies! LOL