Monday, May 24, 2010

Savings Account Scramble & Mondayness

Idiot. Pretty much setup a transfer to our online savings account on the wrong day and it has made the past few days VERY stressful. If you are familiar with ING Direct, you know it takes 800 years to put your money in and get your money out, which has pros and cons. Pro's - You can't access the money for 2-3 days. No impulse buys. Cons - You can't access the money for 2-3 days. Would be nice in such boneheaded instances. Were slowly patching up this little whoopsie, but good golly I hate when I do annoying stuff like that! Sure has made us work our tails off for new leads though and it's paying off! Our business continues to grow in this sluggish economy and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.

As much as I like to keep this life moving on and up, I try to focus on the daily little blessings and milestones. Levi is still not saying much but I'm happy to report that one of the two words he does say is becoming more clear, "cracker". LOL Madison and Haylie have been working on learning sight words and it's going pretty well. Madison can recognize 'mom, stop, mouse' and a few others I can't recall right now, but it was pretty exciting.

On another exciting note: Laundry is swiftly moving along this Monday. I just love having a closet full of options so I can look my best for my 4 employers 24/7. For example, today's suit of choice: pink & grey american eagle pants, white sports bra and a teal tank top. I look sharp. ;)


Shann said...

Totally agree with the ING thing! And I currently hate their interest rate too.

Priscilla said...

Seriously! When I tell people its 1.1% they're like "oh, thats good" sad. I remember when it was 4.5%. Boo.

Erika Grover said...

I personally luv the outfit lol

I too luv when laundry is DONE, folded, hung & put away....ahhh bliss :)

Hope you have a good week :)