Friday, June 11, 2010

Playing catch up!

It's been way too long since I've blogged and I've wanted to, but the time I get to do it (nap time or night time) I've either been gone or home and proofreading transcripts for the MIL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing it. I get to bring in a good little chunk of change while being at home with the pooks, plus it's quite stimulating for my brain. Testimony from very well-educated people. There are some seriously cool careers out there that you don't really think about when your younger pondering what you wanna be when you grow up. Anyhow, that's been consuming my blog time.

Lots has been going on and lots is still up in the air, so were not gonna touch on "lots" until it's all settled bc before the words leave my fingers, "lots" will change again. Lots = house sitch/job sitch.

Glad to report no more hate mail has rolled in. LOL. Sad to report Matt is still moving to AZ. Not as sad as I was, but definitely still bummed. I'm viewing this as a temporary situation and hopefully he'll move HOME in a few short years. Life lately reminds of when me and Justine used to be really into boogie boarding. We LOVED boogie boarding. With boogie boarding the waves just keep rolling in. They NEVER stop. Some waves you can ride, some pass you by with little to no impact and some swallow you up and pound you into the sand so hard you don't know which way is up. I see life very much the same way. We always have new waves rolling in. Uncle Matt moving is just another wave of life, but it'll pass and we're already looking forward to taking road trips to go see him.

In fashion news, I have gotten some great finds this week! I found the "one" and Nana got it for me for my birthday! I LOVE this swimmy. The top is reversible and it looks super cute on. Plus, I'm pretty patriotic and my birthday falls 2 days of 4the of July. I'd say we found ourselves a WINNER.

The stars and stripes never looked so good!

Next find were some totally awesome sandals. I have been dying to get cute sandals I can dress up or down and after making it past the mall cop at Ross I found theses beauts!

So funny, cuz I walked to Marshalls after I snuck these past Loss Prevention and saw the blue ones at Marshalls for a whopping $7 more. Well, shoot, I could have stole them from Marshall's instead without the hassle of Captain Planet saving the world one petty thief at a time. BUT - the Marshalls pair were missing rhinestones. So I came out the winner on that one! Hooray!
(disclaimer: I didnt actually steal these, just razzin my good ole buddy jerk Keith at Ross there)

Madison has spent the last few days with cousin Rachel! She is having a blast, but little Miss Haylie has missed her a lot (not gonna lie, mommy has too!), but we've been spoiling Haylie with ice cream and letting her sleep with us. It's been fun having my 2 babies to play with. Then as soon as we pick up Madison both girls are off to Papa & Yi's house for the night and Levi is staying with Grammy & Papa. Were heading down to HB for dinner with Nate, Erin & Matt. Just trying to get lots of family time in before Matt goes. I am very much anticipating the mahi mahi tacos at FRED's. The B.E.S.T.

And then tomorrowwwwww is 5 YEARS for Josh and I. Kind of excited about that...EEK! Talking about Josh and being married to him is whole new blog so be looking forward to that...hopefully I can squeeze in tomorrow!

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