Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You or Me...?

When I go to my hair dresser and she has pictures of her and her friends partying taped up at her station, I don't blink even though I don't condone or agree with a partying lifestyle. I'm there to get an amazing cut, which she gives and I gladly pay and tip for. When I called a tree service I didn't ask them about their political views, not because I don't talk about those things, but because I don't care who he voted for when he is laying grass for my kids.

I'm sick of people trying to censor me or strip me of my 1st amendment rights. I received a fb message from a fb friend who happens to also be a customer. I have known this family for 20 years. And they let me know that I shouldn't talk about religion or politics because it may cause our clients who are our fb friends to rethink their decision to use our window washing service, especially since my views were narrow-minded. I was also told this life is about kindness and diversity. I have lots of points so I am going to number them to keep it organized.

#1. This person is a fb friend because they are friend, NOT because they are a client. I do NOT friend request "clients".

#2. Our "religious" (i hate that word) or political views have NO bearing on our integrity as business people nor how hard-working we are. Did you know we have multiple gay households that use our services? And we treat them with the kindness and integrity we do any of our other customers. We also have buddhist and mormon customers we also treat with respect and serve them as equally we do anyone else. We don't even THINK about these things when we conduct our business.

#3 As a Conservative Christian, I cannot think of ONE TIME I have not used someone's service because they did not share my same views or because they shared them, period.

#4 I'm almost positive if my views matched this persons, I would not have received this msg. And that makes me narrowminded?? Couple of subpoints on this one.
a. Doesn't that make YOU narrowminded? If you feel so upset because I dont share your views and you threaten to not use our companies services? You only want to use business people that always keep their views to themselves or share the same ones? This is MY personal fb. We have a business fan site and we have NEVER put anything controversial up whatsoever and never plan to.
b. The Bible says "You can enter God's Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose the easy way." Matthew 7:13 I can live that. Can you?

#5 Kindness and diversity. The definition of diverse is 'differing from each other: very different or distinct from one another' Welp, looks like my view also classifies as "diverse". As far as being kind, not sure how I was unkind to anyone. Is it because I dont want gays to marry or because I don't care for Obama or because I believe Jesus is the ONLY way to Salvation with no room for interpretation? My husband and I are very kind and compassionate. Especially, when conducting business. Having conservative views does not equal unkindness.

#6 You may want to do your hw on the places you choose to shop. Many of them are politically skewed and donate money to support lots of different causes that you may or may not agree with. Welcome to America. If we were using our profits to support a measure or a candidate or anything controversial, I would understand not using our services, but we dont. Pristine Solutions is nonpartisan & non"religious". I, however, am a person with thoughts and emotions and convictions.

#7 Why not just "hide" me...? Or delete me?

Let's face it, YOU are the intolerant one. And I don't mean "you" the person who wrote me, I mean, I do, but I also mean all others who have attacked me. I have never wrote someone and asked them to please SHUTUP because I dont agree with them. I have never called someone a name because they shared a different view. I have never put down other people personally because they shared different views. And I sure as heck have never turned down someone's services because they have different views or because they simply shared them in a public forum. If I had a $1 for everytime I was trashed, attacked or been discriminated against by the truly NARROWminded people, I'd be loaded.

If you need to have your windows cleaned by someone whose wife you dont happen to know, then that's ok. That's a decision you have to make. We are truly grateful for all of our customers from every walk of life and we offer the same exceptional service and charge the same price to everyone, no matter what religion, political affiliation or walk of life they are. I hope people choose us because we have integrity and work hard and take pride in our work.


Kevin, Brittany, Cailey, and Reece said...

You go girl. Perfectly said.

Mrs. G said...

I can't believe some people.. It's a free country and everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs.. Everyone is not going to agree.. If everyone did, this world would be a boring place.. Your post was very well said :)

Anonymous said...

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