Thursday, September 9, 2010


I think I'll have a glass of wine tonight to celebrate the fact that I can have wine for the next 9 months because I am NOT pregnant. After a freak positive and irregularness (that's as far as I'll go withthat bc I am not a TMI person), I was gearing up for #4. We had names on the horizon and were bracing to tell family who would undoubtedly greet us with their disappointment and questions about the birds and the bees. Thank the good Lord, he spared us from those moments of pure awkwardness about birth control and our personal finances!

In celebration, I went shopping on for the Princesses that are already outside my womb! I got them some cute hooded shirts and I got them these little beauts.

The black one is for Madison and the pink one is Haylie's. They'll look so adorable with the layering shirts that I got with them! Oh and of course, no matter how gung-ho about being unpregnant I am, I never forget to get a good deal. I got 15% with a code and then another 20% off for using my VISA debit card (also a code) and I used another code for free shipping! I easily saved almost $40! Double "go me!" for getting a fantabulous deal and not being PREGNANT! WOO!!

Well, now that you are clued in on the VACANCY in my uterus, me and my 3 perfectly wonderful, sufficient, already walking & talking, sleeping-thru-the-night children are going on a playdate where I will be leaping for joy thru the park like I've lost my marbles!



Mrs. G said...

Haha.. You're too funny!! I totally know what you're talking about with the awkwardness of telling your family.. I was 26 when I had my 1st pregnancy and i had to tell my parents (I was still living at home) I felt like I was 9 again and going to get into trouble.. lol.. Cute little jackets you got for the girls, and even better that you got some awesome deals :)

Anonymous said...

You need another kid like a freakin hole in the head.

Priscilla said...

LOL Tell me about it!! hahahaha! Thanks for your 2 "anonymous" cents!

Mrs. G said...

Wow!! Isn't it funny how people are real tough when they're "anonymous"?? Geesh, get a life!!

holley said...

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, I am not a psycologist, but just from this odd comment it seems to me you need help. I am going to give you the benifit of the doubt, that maybe you dont know my sister very i would like to tell you a little about her! (I know, I'm sweet) Priscilla has ALWAYS wanted a husband and kids. She couldnt wait to be a mommy and a wife. Its so precious when Mr. Handsom (her son) runs towards me to give me a huge hug, but in the last second he darts right past me to his mommy. Melts my heart. Gosh, Let me tell you...when i heard she might have another one, i was like in shock...It didnt affect me like it affected you though. Seeing my sister and her husband Josh build a company from the ground up has been so great to see. They are truly best friends and co workers...great huh? i know. Maybe you wish you had all of these awesome things going on in your life, but you dont...Well i could help you out with that. You obviously are not walking with God. Thats your problem. Why would he bless you when you are leaving nasty comments like this? hmm its probably not working for you and it probably makes you feel worse about yourself. God has all thses promises He makes you us if we believe in Him. Next time you get the sudden urge to be disgusting, pick up the bible. It could save your life. So in all of this, i hope you learned that my sister is amazing and you need Jesus. Stay classy Orange County.
Love Holley<3