Wednesday, September 1, 2010

service&deeds gone bad

I feel like I'm in the process of brushing myself off from yesterday & today. I've already gotten used to the fact when you go against our twisted culture there is going to be a huge backlash, but I am ok with that. Jesus wasn't popular either and something tells me he'd be pretty passionate about the well-being of children. It's funny because when people post things on their fb or their blog about things I don't agree with or aren't in line with my views, I sometimes think to myself "hmmm...I dont agree with that...what should I make for lucnh?" or sometimes I may throw in my 2 cents and have a healthy debate, but I try not to personally rip an individual to shreds or go write about them on the wall of other peoples pages or have my family update their status to reflect my disdain and personally attack their family. Hmmm...I wonder why people do that? Not gonna lie, I am human and it makes me sad, but people are who they are and are going to behave the way they behave. I will never make apologies for my conservative beliefs and I will continue to love and encourage those around me, even the ones with different viewpoints. I'm over this topic and I think I've said my point til I'm blue in the face so do what you want with it.

Moving on, I'm stoked for the weekend and to have lots of activities planned. I'm hoping I'll get to spend some time with my Dad and Yi and the rest of the family and take them some home-cooked meals and some baked goods. I stopped by for a little tonight and saw my Dad and Yi briefly. It still seems so surreal. I hate to see others hurting, but there is nothing you can do. I brought some soups tonight and tried to be helpful by straightening up the kitchen and stuff. [[my love language is service&deeds]] Well, I didn't get the memo that dishwasher wasn't in working order so after I took out the trash I walked back into the kitchen just in time to see a real life geyser going off in the kitchen. Great!! I came to help and flooded the kitchen. Totally on my game. Oh well, I got it all cleaned up and washed them by hand.

Totally Random: Watching Masterchef with my Love right now, yes, while I blog. I'm a multi-tasker like that. These judges are cah-razy. Dear Heavens!! I would for sure cry if I was on there. HAHA

night =]

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Mrs. G said...

I just think some people have no lives and have to take their misery out on other people.. It's your opinion and your fb page, and if people don't like it, stay off your page and blog.. I'm sorry for your families loss as well :(