Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So it's been awhile since I've done a run down of what we're up to so I thought I'd update you on all the madness we are partaking in!

Tonight is the 1st Christmas program practice. The girls are so excited! Cousin Rachel will be in the same class as Madison so she is extra excited. Haylie seems a little apprehensive about not being in sissy's class, but she'll be ok.

Mr. Handsome's vocabulary has expanded quite a bit. He now says the following: hi, bye-bye, doggy, daddy, blanky, binky, please, thank you and very seldom he'll say mama. He nods his head, too. He's almost 18 months. I LOVE this age! They are as adorable as it gets!

Madison and Haylie are starting piano lessons. Madison has a natural pull towards music and she is super excited. Haylie is along for the ride on this one. I think Haylie may be my little tomboy and lean towards sports later, we'll see. She is just enjoying being a princess who is as giggly as she is emotional.

We are paying off our van. Our goal is to have it paid off by the end of November. We have already been able to throw almost $2000 at it and we are eager to get rid of that car payment!

The book 'Crazy Love' is radically changing my life and my heart and my desires. I challenge anyone who calls themselves a Christian to read it. It will really make you ask yourself, 'Am I really a follower of Christ'? It has lit up such a desire in me to live so much more by faith and stop trying to have my perfect plan of how things need to go down. To make my life and the way we live it day to day focus so much more on my relationship God and what I am teaching my kids about a relationship with God. It's been awesome. Read it.

Next Friday will be our first day of trying out a MOPS group. If we like it, we'll sign up for the semester and that will be every other Friday.

I've been baking pumpkin pies like crazy and plan on baking some pumpkin bread for some special people in my life this week, too. Dont forget: I sell both, so let me know if you have a sweet tooth!

Welp, I think were semi-caught up. Hope everyone's Fall is off to a Fab start!

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