Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you have $40? Join in Operation Christmas Child

Because if you do, you could make a child's Christmas on of the Best Ever!!

Operation Christmas Child. Basically, you fill up a shoebox (your own or one you can pick up from a church or other institutions)

When you pick up a box, they give you instructions on what to pack and what not to pack. You get to choose the gender and age group of the child you would like your box to go to.

We chose a girl age 2-4. I chose this because Haylie and Madison are 3 and 4 and they got to pick out a majority of what went into the box. They really got into it which really made my heart smile. They totally understand that this is going to be some little girl's Christmas gift who isn't as fortunate as they are and they can be a small blessing to her. The joy of giving is one that can hardly be matched and I hope my kids will all grow up to feel the same. I have always wanted to do the box, but we've never followed through on it, sadly. I think next year we'll have all 3 kids do a box for a child of their same gender and age.

One year I remember my dad packing a box and he spent about $80 and that amount always intimidated me from attempting to pack one. That was before the $1 section at Target. Hello, Bargains! We got mittens, socks, a notepad, markers, stickers, coloring book, etc. And no I don't feel guilty shopping in the deal section because I buy my own little girls stuff from that section ALL the time. Then they have a section of mini toys (aka PERFECT shoebox size) for $2.49. Again, stuff my kids ALWAYS want i.e. harmonica, oversized bouncy ball that lights up, paddle ball, etc. Then we headed to the hygeine section, more specifically, the trial size section and picked up all of our hygeine items that were all good quality for an awesome price. I also grabbed a little dress off the clearance rack.

Altogether, I spent less than $40 and my box is packed to the gills!

After you get it all packed you can throw in a letter and/or a pic of your family. If you put your address they may write back. They also ask that you throw in $7 for shipping if you can.

This is such a great opportunity for your whole family to get in on. For $40 you can turn a child's world upside down and you are also opening the door for the gospel to be shared with them!



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I love this idea.. I think we are gonna do it too :)

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