Monday, October 25, 2010

Go Me!

I was going back and forth between 2 potential blogs. Potential blog #1: (wait for it)"Why do people who are not Christians quote Jesus?" I find it very interesting. You certainly don't see me going around quoting Joesph Smith (no offense, mormon friends). But people like to quote Jesus to tell us how us Christians how we have our Christianity all wrong. Hello?? You don't believe in Jesus, you don't believe in his word and you certainly don't live by it and yet you attempt to use to back up your non-biblical beliefs? Fascinating. haha, ok, I'll stop because Potential blog #2 is Getting Organized and that's the one I settled on (pause for everyone's collective sigh of relief)

I'm REALLY sad I did not take a picture of my desk pre-organization, albeit embarrassing. I was tempted to mess it all back up again, add about 30 lbs of useless papers from the last 2 years to give you an idea cuz that would totally be productive, right? Nah, it wasn't that bad, but it was definitely unkempt. I still hadn't found a home for things since we moved. When I feel overwhelmed and disorganized it's impossible hard for me to function. So today we got it alll straightened out.

My favorite part about getting organized is stuff that I utilize to get organized. First of all the 2 baskets that you see, those were clearanced at Target for $6.48. I don't know if you can really tell by the pics, but these are great sized baskets. I was more than thrilled to get them at such an awesome price. I used one basket for Josh's stuff (quotes, business cards, etc.) and the other to hold some of my desk necessities. They fit Perfectly in the slots in the desk FTW. See the little tin in the 3rd picture? That is a tin from Brighton, I used it to store cords. The rubbermaid storage container is holding some our Disney pins that were floating in the drawer waiting to stab the next unsuspecting fingers. and I just used a ziploc to hold batteries, where as before they were floating in the bottom of a big plastic storage container that was holding other garbage. That storage container went on to do great work and its only job now is to hold our video camera, charger and extra discs. Work with what you got, ladies! Now as far as papers go, I pretty much have a spot for all of them, but they weren't getting placed there. {refer to first picture for a better idea,but its still hard to see} The big black and white filing box is our business filings, the black folder is our house hunt filings and the purple one is for personal filings. You can't see them but there are a couple of loose folders which hold papers which are items that need immediate attention such as a bill, a receipt to be filed, etc. So everyyyy piece of paper has a place. HALLELUJAH!

The drawer before was being taken over by pins, stationary and cords. UGH. Most useless drawer on the planet! So I emptied it, stuck a basket in there. I filled the basket with the stationary, checkbooks and a pencil box. There are few other miscellaneous things, but they allll have a place and thats alllll that matters. Those stickers are stamps that got put on an envelopes that never ended up getting mailed out so I peeled them back off the envelopes and kept them. Heck no, techno, am I throwing away .44¢ x 4. That's just wasteful. They'll get used. Eventually. div>

I was inspired by someone else so I hope I've passed along the inspiration. Christmas is EXACTLY 2 months away. Make room for all the new goodies!

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