Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To my audience of One

I dont think anyone reads my blog anymore after yesterday. Lost a few 'followers' and was taken off blog rolls. What can you do? I write just because I love to write. So even though I may encounter cyber silence, I'll press on with my thoughts :)

I was blown away by some of the responses yesterday and loved reading all of it. And I posted every single comment I received. To the person who thinks I'm not happy, clearly you don't know me. =] I really wish I knew who some of the anonymous responses were, some of them were awesome. Thanks to all who participated.

I couldn't sleep last night. It was a perfect storm of having chai tea late and having lots on my mind. at 12:30 I saw my nana was online on facebook, so I was like, "why not?" Gave her a ring-a-ding dong and talked to her for an hour in the middle of the night. Pretty sure she's the coolest Nana. She's wise. I love talking to her.

Read about Zacchaeus today..."Zacchaeus was a wee little man..." anyone remember that song? What a GREAT illustration of what it means to be Christ-like! A friend of mine posted THIS video (it's the 2nd one) and made me want to really dive into the story of Zacchaeus and when I did this is what I got out of it: (I'm reposting my response from his page so I don't have to re-write it all)

"This guy has such a great heart and more people definitely need to be more delicate and loving towards others, me included. After I watched this I went to Luke 19 to read the story of Zacchaeus and some commentary about it. I think it's im...portant to understand the entire story that played out. Jesus wasn't reaching out to some begrudged tax collector with a bah-humbug attitude. Zacchaeus went to great lengths just to catch a glimpse of Jesus. And when he called him out of the tree it says he came down IMMEDIATELY and welcomed him GLADLY. Jesus knew his heart.

Unfortunately, there are people out there that we turn a blind eye to because we don't agree with their lifestyle or because they don't look like the type to "join our country club" (when I say 'we' I mean christians) and some of those people have climbed the sycamore tree and are just waiting for an invitation. It's so important that we don't discount anyone.

However, I brought up the state of Zacchaeus' heart because that is also so important. So many try and cover up their sin under the banner of "God is a Loving God" and anything goes and that is simply not the case. Zacchaeus didn't pick and choose pieces of what Jesus taught to suit him. He was ready for the real deal. He signed himself up for giving back 4 times what he took from people, the highest price to pay in those times and Jesus never even asked him to do that. His outward action supported his inward faith. Not that we shouldn't also be loving to those people who are half-hearted, but were doing them a disservice by just kicking back and letting people slap, "God's cool with this" label on anything. As disciple's of Christ it's important that we share the WHOLE truth in a loving matter of fact way, even if it's not received well.

I could go on for days! The story of Zacchaeus is an awesome example of Christ's unconditional love that extends to us and He DOES see us when we are chillin' up in the sycamore tree. BUT we have to be able to leap in his arms and say GLADLY, "YES, Jesus, I'll leave my sinful ways behind along with the material things and follow you wholeheartedly anywhere and everywhere, Lord." - So much easier said than done. The story of Zacchaeus really made me examine my own heart, in making sure I always approach people with an attitude of love and not to just assume people are going to reject what God has to offer because of their lifestyle or whatever.

Something that never ceases to amaze me is when you take the time to really look at a piece of God's word is how much substance there can be to it. The story of Zacchaeus is a mere 10 verses long and yet you could write an entire book about the lessons to be learned there, the commentary, literal meanings and the history behind it. The other day I decided I would start really going through the book of James and doing one chapter at a time. WRONG, I think half a chapter a day is gooooood. So much in that small book.

Some awesome little financial blessings have happened in the last week. They aren't monumental, but they are in the sense that they are small reassurances that God has his hand on us and what we do doesn't go unnoticed by Him. Someone asked me what I do to reach out or help others in my last blog. Wish I could make a list for you, but I won't. God knows.

Were watching the mine rescue right now. Unbelievable. Praise the Lord for a good outcome! Amazing. Waiting for the 3rd guy who is making his way up right NOW!

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