Thursday, January 27, 2011

I really should be doing other things...

like getting my kids dressed, cleaning, reading my Bible, etc., but here I am nonetheless. I'm justr drained. I really think I am quite superb at keeping things in line and being balanced, but it's been quite chaotic this week. blah. Levi has been so sick and teething on top of all that. It's been awful. I've never had a baby require this much attention EVER and he's my 3rd! On tuesday I literally did NOTHING. We sat and cuddled with cartoons on, on the couch, for anhour and a half. then I rocked him for another hour while the girls played. He took a short nap and when he woke up he sat in my lap and we watched the bachelor. I really didn't want to go to Prayer Night after all that. I did WANT to go, but I didnt physically want to get dressed and look semi-human to go, BUT I did and I'm SO glad I did. I was around healthy people, who weren't screaming and demanding to be in my lap or on my hip and most importantly I got to spend time with the Lord and in fellowship with my church family and give the Lord all the things that are laying on my shoulders and heart. Sadly, I hate to admit it, but I am a work in process in learning to truly just give it to the Lord instead of trying to be on top of everything and not trusting Him. HELLO! It's GOD! HE CAN HANDLE IT! I don't know what my deal is :/

Today we are having our taxes done. Hopefully this lady will give me some tips on how to stay more organized throughout the year so I dont feel like a wreck on days like today.

The Shred is going fabulous. I have lost 3 lbs in 2.5 weeks. Slowly, but surely, which is fine by me. Amongst all the chaos I have still managed to squeeze in the 20 minute workout most days and I am religiously sticking to my calorie allowance. I definitely feel much better when I'm on a good workout schedule. And I've had less muffintop in my britches. woo!

Talked to Kathy from CHEP yesterday about getting all setup for homeschooling. She's mailing me a packet and we have orientation in April. I am VERY excited, so is Madison. I'm really excited for them to start all these new adventures! I'm learning more and more about the program and will probably have a whole blog dedicated to how we're going about homeschooling because there are many options out there and many people have questions.
The girls are also starting dance this week as long they aren't sick tomorrow.

Our business has officially expanded to include pressure washing and blind/shutter cleaning. Can you say OVERWHELMING? Who knew so much went into sparaying down a place with water?!? We have to recalim the water, test the PH, pull out any gravel or like items, dump in appropriate places, etc. It's not the job itself, but just making sure we purchase all the right equipment to do the job efficiently. We need a truck or a work van. Definitely going to be praying about that.

The wedding this last weekend was an absolute blast. See more fb pics for details LOL

'nuff said.

That's about as thorough of an update that's happening right now. Hope everyone has a great day. As soon as my brain is less scattered, better blogging to come!

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