Tuesday, January 11, 2011

bye-bye Altura

Dear Altura Credit Union,

You really stink! Way to stoop to the level of the Chase's and B of A's, in my humble opinion. A $20 non-negotiable charge EVERY MONTH for having a business account?! HOGWASH! You've left us no choice, but to take our businesss elsewhere. I'm so disappointed that you, as a credit union, would start charging such an absurd fee. I have referred so many people to use your institution and I have taken advantage of many of your other services as well. I'm also not thrilled about your $5 a month charge for personal accounts, but at least that can be waived by using my debit card 5 times. Seems silly, but whatever. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise because I have wanted to check out Perkstreet Financial that Dave Ramsey is always talking about. They are going to pay ME for having an account. Sounds like a wayyyy better deal. Peace, business Altura!

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Erika Grover said...

haha good luck with parkstreet financial

$20 is ridic!

Anonymous said...

We love Schools First Federal Credit Union...but that's for a personal account. Good luck with the Park Street...let us know all about it!