Monday, August 25, 2008

You might have thought that we had given up on our dream of being debt free since I write so few and far between. On the contrary, friends~~ I dont update as often because we are now chipping away at the much larger bills and I guess I could update you every time I send a payment but thats just not as exciting as 'WE PAID THEM OFF!' which leads me to tell you the checks to pay off my State Farm Visa and our Nordstrom card are being sent off TODAY!! $850! UGH! I can only imagine what we will be able to do with our money when we are done paying off ALLLLLL our debt!! That leaves us with only TWO credit cards left!!! Praise God! I was looking at the statement from the 2 we paid off from a year ago and each of them had $1800 on them! Whoop whoop!

Ok, for those of who havent been reading my blog all along here is a quick recap. Since starting Dave Ramsey's Plan in January aka being responsible with our money we have paid the following!

Paypal: $80

Macy's: $80


Macy's: $600

Kay Jewelers: $1600

Honda: $4000 (sold it!)

Nordstrom: $1500

State Farm: $1500

Us Bank: $500 (balance owed:$1850)

Bank of America: $400 (balance owed: $2350)

My Student Loan: $400 (balance owed : $2200)

Chevy Blazer: $2160 (balance owed: $8600)

Total Paid off Since January: $13,120!

I think it's pretty remarkable! =]

To God be the Glory!

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Candice said...

That is amazingggggggg! It must feel so good. You're going to be debt free in no time =).