Thursday, August 7, 2008

Disneyland & the last day of school

Remember when you were a kid and you had a trip to Disneyland coming up the next day and how hard it was to sleep the night before because the excitiment made you wanna pee your pants?? You know that feeling you get on Christmas Eve or the last day of school? That uncontrollable anticipation and excitiement! Wouldn't it be amazing to feel that way every day, to ALWAYS have something to look forward to?? That is what I have found in Jesus Christ and I have just discovered the last couple weeks!! I am heaven bound and I am yearning to be used by the Lord and do work for his kingdom! I am so excited at every opportunity to share his love, grace, mercy, compassion and the fact that he sent his son to die for US!! How amazing is that?? I'm just little ole imperfect, constantly falling short, sinner Priscilla, but somehow God is going to use me to do good work and speak through to others so they can have a relationship with Jesus, too! Not a long distant one, like I have lived most of my life. I put Jesus in a box and only brought him out when I wanted to. I have never felt more joyful than I do now making Jesus my BFF, my bestie!! He is in everything I do! I want everyone to have this kind of relationship with Jesus! School is almost out and Disneyland is fast approaching, get to know him NOW so you can spend Eternity with Him! Shoot me an email if you want even more resources!!

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