Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment

I signed up to help in Madison's Kindergarten class on Wednesdays and today was my first day.  All the kids were pretty well behaved and were a joy getting to work with and help.  I sat at a table and helped them make "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?" books of their own.  So much fun!

Madison really just made my heart happy today.  She is such a beautiful little person on the inside and out.  She makes me so proud.  She was more than happy to include the new girl in their play time at recess and she was so sweet to her friends. She can be a little bossy at home with her brother and sister, but at school she was very inclusive, helpful and sweet.  She followed directions from the teacher and today she happened to be the line leader.  Even at the young age of 5, I see so many leadership qualities in her.  She definitely knows how to rally the troops.  I also learned she was placed in the highest reading group.  Not gonna lie, pretty stoked about that.

On top of all this, she loves Jesus at such a young age and I'm looking forward to watching her grow more in Him and come to even more of an understanding of who He is and his purpose for her life.

I'm not one to constantly brag about ever move my kid makes, but today I am just abundantly blessed and wanted to share what the Lord is doing in my little Madison's life.  Today was also great validation of the choices Josh and I have made for our kids.  Seems like most of them were met with opposition whether it was to not put them in pre-school, daycare or to do homeschooling or this extra-curricular vs that one.  Everyone's kids are different and we made the right choices for ours. Every child is unique and will learn differently from other kids.  I would totally encourage parents to never think there is a cookie cutter way to educate your child and to look into all the different options available today, there are SO many!

Super proud of my little girl today and it was so much fun to see such different personalities of all the little people.  All of them so unique and precious.  Go hug the little people in your life and let them know you are proud of them!

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Cassandra-Lewis said...

You definitely should be proud! Your choices have made her such a beautiful little girl! She is the sweetest little 5 year old EVER!! I completely adore her!