Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Folder Fanatic

Over the last couple of years I have developed this fondness for folders. Pretty folders, psychadelic folders, functional folders, etc. You know what I'm talking about?? A lot of times you can get a pack of 3 in the $1 section at Target. I use them for alllll sorts of things. For example, when were getting ready to go see our tax lady I had all our business/tax info all organized in a pretty little folder, I have one going for my sister's bridal shower, Madison's school stuff, etc. I usually write on the tabs in pencil so when I'm done needing a space for relevant papers I can erase and go onto the next project/idea/paperwork/whatever! Anywho, was picking up some more back to school stuff for M yesterday and I was in folder fantasyland! I don't typically buy the type of folder that opens and has pockets and no tab, HOWEVER, I fell in love and they are a poly type material which is WAY more durable. I just had to have them, take a picture of them and share them with you here!
i LOVE cute office supplies! any other funky folder fans out there??

I also picked up a cute new calendar. Levi mistook my other for his doodle pad -_- shucks, darn had to buy a new one, with flowers on it =] I also bought new pens to along with. We have so much going on on our calendar I like to use colored pens to decipher between all the activity at a glance! I started using this system when I was busy with Creative Memories, we'd use colored dots. I prefer my pastel pens.

My color code is as follows (I know you are DYING to know):
Black: Commercial Appts
Green: Residential Appts.
Pink: Personal Appts
Blue: Church Functions
Purple: Special Days (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.)

It just makes it easier to tell what is going on where instead of all these different things being written in black. The husband is good about using his phone, I'm old school. I need to see it and write it down.

It gave me warm fuzzies to share all this with you! Deep down I am part nerd, for sure.


Stacey said...

I love that you're so organized.. And, I love the color coded pens.. Such a smart idea..

Erika said...

color coded pens is a smart idea, I mean who doesn't love a color coded closet?!

Erika said...

me again..your biggest fan lol

Just came by to tell you that I lurve your new header! Cute!

Shann said...

I love file folders too!!

I live off my outlook calendar for my work and yes, that's color coded too!