Saturday, April 2, 2011

A couple things...

Our church is moving to a new location where we are going to need a few things for our children's ministry. I know I have a lot of mommy friends out there so please look through your stuff and see if any of the following that are in good condition that you might be willing to donate: 2 Baby play mats, with the stuff that hangs over them for baby to look at. 2 Baby bouncers, that they sit in and bounce in, with toys on them. 1 Baby gate for the entry door. Like the one at the church now. 1 Rocking chair 1 large area rug, bright color. Green or red or blue, etc. 1 Huge baby fence. (It's going to go inside the class to keep the kids and teachers in one area.) Any toys you can find that look like they are in good condition for the kids. Ages 0 to 2 years. Or any toys you wanna donate or friends, etc... Also, please check out our new blog for our business and become a follower! and please participate in our facebook and twitter campaign!! Thanks everyone! I promise, I'll write a more exciting blog some other

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