Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know it's time to write a blog when I want to update my status and they are wayyyyyy too many things to update about! Overall, life is pretty awesome right now, there are some thorns, but I'm sure the Lord is trying to mold me in those areas and I can definitely see the need for molding. I'm very excited about the prospect of being a homeowner sooner than later. We have 1 offer into the bank and we are waiting for approval. I haven't gotten attached to any one house, I'm just grateful for wherever the Lord puts us.

For some reason tonight, I am just overwhelmed with love for my babies. Obviously, I love them everyday, but I have just been doing a lot of reflecting as I've been sipping tea, playing Zingo or just snuggling with them. Their innocence is so stinkin precious. Hearing them use a new word or phrase melts my heart and sometimes makes me laugh. I love how attached Levi is to me. You can really start to see how their little personality are really atarting to bloom. Madison is more of the perfectionist. She is very gentle and mothering. She is so helpful and sweet. Haylie is my little wild child, but she is very giving and she loves to cuddle. She is very expressive so its super fun to take her shopping, its just like bein with one my girlfriends! Levi is cuddly. He's a mam's boy right now. I am loving every minute of him being a baby.

One of the things I was reflecting on is how I never finished college and how it doesnt bother me an ounce. I am a go-getter and I like to be successful at the things I try my hand at, but I could care less about a degree. In my heart, I have known since I was way young that my calling was to be a mommy. I am living my dream every day. I also dont plan on ever going back to school. I plan on driving for all the field trips, making the best cookies for the bake sale, leading girls scouts, help my kids be #1 in the magazine drive and whatever other activities motherhood calls me to do.

Josh updated his status the other day about how he wouldnt be who he is today with out me or be doing what he's doing without me, but it easily goes the other way, too. I could not be doing what I'm doing if I didn't have an amazing, supportive husband like him. He's my best friend and he is just more than I could have ever dreamed of.

I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude for my husband and my kids. I learn so much just by looking into their big blue eyes. They are my whole world.

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