Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm 26 weeks and I'm payin' it forward!

Levi is about 2 lbs now and he can open his eyes! I cannot wait til he gets here! I was very patient with my last 2 because I felt so unprepared and apprehensive about what it was going to be like, but I'm practically a seasoned pro now and I can't wait to meet our son!! AHHHH! My sister and I went and registered at Babies R Us last week and it was SOOOOOOOO fun picking out BOY stuff! Talk about a change of pace! My sister and Grandma are planning some sort of wonderful Baby Shower and there wont be any pink in sight! We are still indecisive about a middle name...any suggestions??

We have been spending some time at Disneyland since we have gotten our passes! Madison asks to go like EVERY DAY!! lol. I've added some recent pictures of us from there. The girls are huge fans of Buzz Light Year.

I cannot believe Haylie will turning 2 in a month. It seems like a few weeks ago we brought her home and I was crying incontrollably cuz the little stinker wouldnt let me sleep for like 2 months straight! HAHA! Even those times go by so fast!

Josh and I have set our major financial goals for the year and we would like to have no car payments by the end of the year. We are paying off my student loan next month and we will be down to just the 2 cars and Josh's student Loan. We have listed the truck on Autotrader, but now isn't exactly a prime time to be selling a vehicle or anything for that matter. Please pray for Josh in his job that he will have a great review when that time comes around (usually March) and will get a raise. He has been blessed every year so far and I pray God will continue to bless us.

I set my New Year's Resolution even though I'm not exactly fond of that term. This year is a year that I am going to really nurture my relationships. The past couple of years have brought heartache as some relationships have fallen apart and I have spent a lot of time dwelling on things that are completely out of my control. I can't change anyone, but me and I really want to show the people in my life that are loving, supportive and selfless the same compassion and love. Lot's of things brought me to this: I saw a sign that says "the smallest deed is better than the greatest intentions" I have been full of a lot of good ideas and intentions, but I seldom act on them because I think no one will really care one way or another. Also, I was thinking about a really wonderful woman I know named Colleen Whitt and she has the biggest heart. She remembers everyone's birthdays and always is sending little gifts for my girls and really makes time to let the ones around her know she's there and she cares and that has been such an inspiration to me. I am truly blessed to have some wonderful Godly girlfriends that I adore and I have let distance and the hustle and buslte of life get in the way of letting them know how wonderful they are. It's not just friends, though. It's my husband who has been more than amazing to me and my little girls who need a Godly example of a mother to look up to. It's family who has been so supportive and loving. I'm just so excited to make the most of 2009 in this way and let my friends and family know how much they mean to me! It's time to pay it forward!

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