Saturday, January 17, 2009

Location Location Location

Linda's (my dear friend) house has the absolute best location for having garage sales at! This is the 2nd time we have done at her house and we pretty much sold out. Josh had to hustle to get the signs down by 11 because continued to pour in. We could easily put what was left over in 3 boxes, which is amazing considering we started with several and many many bags and tubs full of stuff. We really didnt have large items like we have in the past. It was all smaller stuff. We scurried over to Bank of America to pay off the rest of that stinkin' credit card. We werent able to do so before the end of the year because we went 3 weeks without a paycheck so we held onto our little pile of cash to make it through yesterday. Were now onto paying off our truck. We havent decided if we will just pay it down and sell it or just completely pay it off. It's up in the air, but anyhow thats where all the extra cash is going now. God has really been taking care of us and we have been extremely blessed. We are definitely tightening up our budget and back to using our envelope system. Ebay has been a major blessing for us. It's really been booming! I've got over $1000 in listings in my store. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Thank you especially to those who gave us stuff for our garage sale! We love you all! Slow and steady WIN the race!

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