Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ups & Downs

WoW, it's been awhile since my last post and lots of stuff has changed even since then. First of all baby Levi & Mommy are doing fabulous. I did gain 7 lbs in the weeks in betweent appointments, a little more than I would have liked but I'm still on track for what is normal. Only 18 lbs altogether and I am now 7 months, but I have been hitting the gym faithfully and I am even managing to still run a mile and then some. I plan on looking amazing this summer! ;) Levi is like 2 1/2 lbs and is getting chubby as we speak. He can now blink his eyes and can see light!

The last few weeks have had some ups and downs in it for us. Josh was forced to take a paycut at work which really stinks, but God is opening doors for us to supplement that income and that has been a huge blessing. My eBay store is still doing pretty good and that is helpful. Josh is also doing lots of sidejobs to keep us trucking along. We also sold our truck, which was HUGE for us! We have been trying to sell it off and on since November. We put it on Cragslist last Wednesday night and by 11:30 on thursday it was sold. That will save us over $300 a month right there. At this point we are going to try and save up and purchase a little pickup truck perhaps this summer some time. We will definitely be paying off my student loan in the near future and hopefully the van by the end of the year. We only have $61,000 in debt altogether. We were close to 100k this time last year!That is pretty exciting! Josh and I definitely feel like there are going to be lots of turning points this year.

Yesterday the girls and I joined a local chapter of Moms club and already made some new friends! It was so awesome meeting other moms who have similar interests and priorities in their lives. We are lookign forward to the weekly playdates and field trips. They also have family events and Moms nights out! Hooray for adult interaction! LOL

Madison & Haylie are absolute dolls and are getting so big! Haylie's birthday is coming up and we are having an Ariel party for her! Her favorite Princess, by far! Just like cousin Rachel! She is the spunkiest baby I have ever seen! She loves animals...cant wait to have a house and get her a little puppy one day! She cant sit still for more than 2 seconds! Madison is my cuddler. Every night when she goes to bed or at nap time she says "Mommy, you come cuddle with me?" It melts my heart! Money cant buy that. She is NOT a fan of animals and is deathly afraid, its kinda funny actually, but she is my social butterfly! She loves meeting new kids and makes friends so easily. We will probably be looking into preschools around the summer/fall time. I think she is ready, I may not be, though. =[

Well, I think we are all pretty much up to speed! Looking forward to hearing feedback from you guys as always! Love you!

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