Friday, October 17, 2008

Were getting there!

Yesterday, we paid off the last $481.73 on our US Bank card which started off at a fabulous $2300.00 in January. Words can't really decsribe the relief. We now have ONE credit card left and we were even able to already pay an extra $300 down on that so far this week. So we are down to our final $2000.00. YAY! I am praying our garage sale is going to be amazing! We have had so many wonderful friends and family give us stuff for our garage sale. We can't thank all of them enough! By the grace of God, we may be able to pay off this card this month, but worse case scenario we go into November a little bit, which is kind of a bummer. Keep us in your prayers as we finish the credit card fight! Thank you for your support and prayers.

Here is a little letter I wrote to US Bank:

My Love,

I write with deep regret that today I'm breaking up with you. I know the timing is bad with these past few weeks being some of the worst in your families' history. I truly am sorry for your friends Wachovia & AIG, but I just cant go on with a relationship like this. When it was good it was good. I thought you were giving me everything I had ever wanted, but you were so manipulative. Everything you gave me, I had to pay back with interest & fees. You left me so broke with nothing left to give. I need someone who pays me the interest and doesn't try to wine and dine me with flyer miles and bonus points. You were never even there most of the time! Everytime I saw you you were on the floor, maxed out! I cant have that kind of behavior in front of my kids, they'll pick up those bad habits! Towards the end, the only communication we had was the hate mail you'd send me once a month. I know with out a doubt that many more poor saps will wander your way and beg you to let them pay your interest and your fees with hopes of one day having enough flyer miles to travel the world or that free t-shirt you'll give them upon accepting your proposal. I wish I could say I wish you the best, but honestly I hope to see you go down like the others. Please don't contact me anymore, whether you're offer is gold, platinum or whatever other fine metals you offer. I'm off to bigger and better things in my life and even have a blind date next week with Mr. Funds. Mutual Funds. And he's already promised to take me to places that you never could.

Goodbye US Bank.


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