Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yay! We're finally all starting to feel better from knocking on deaths door. haha. not really, but some people seemed to think so. So excited that this weekend is so beautiful. Gives us a chance to go do some fun stuff before the rain rolls in this week and we'll all be couped up inside again.

So what's new? Well, the pressure washing went off without a hitch. Minus Josh running over and killing a dog that ran in front of the truck after he picked up the equipment. It was pretty unavoidable. Josh felt terrible. Sorry, Fido. Other than that, it went great and was very successful for us. It's so amazing that an idea seems so daunting and then it finally comes together and you're like, "oh, that was easy." So we're pressure washing and we are also venturing into blind/shutter cleaning. We have our first one on the books for 2 weeks from. Also, God Bless YELP! They have sent us 3 new clients in the last week, not to mention a few others we have from YELP who are some awesome clients, as well. This just goes to show it's super important to leave positive feedback as it is negative feedback. Thank you YELP and thank you to those who have left us 5 Star ratings!

Our marriage study started up again this week and I'm stoked for all God is going to do to strengthen marriages and prepare singles for a godly marriage. I'm incredibly grateful for our church family and that they are so encouraging to us. Love the huge emphasis they put on marriage and family when the world is constantly trying to tear those institutions to shreds.

So we have the $$ in our bank account to pay off our car, but I just dont want to part with it. LOL...It's moments like this that remind why we will NEVER go into debt again. Never. did I mention Never? We were SO close to financing a Toyota Sequoia a month ago and I'm SOOO glad we didn't. Once I can part with our money LOL, we only have Josh's students loans and I plan to try and knock those out like nobodies business.

The shred is going well, but I did miss 3 days since I was sick. I did half of level 1 this morning, but still felt really weak, so we'll try again tomorrow, but I am sticking with it and the lbs are coming off slowly, but surely and things fit so much better. I bought the cutest pair of size 7 skinny cargo pants the other and I was 100% sure they'd be snug. WRONG. They fit like a glove! With room to spare! I was stoked!!

In other news:

Egypt. The world is about to change. Did you know that 27% of the prophecy in the Bible has already been fulfilled? Did you know that Isaiah 19 talks about what is happening in Egypt RIGHT NOW?? Jesus is coming back, people, and that means people will get left. If your bff is Jack Daniels and your extra-curriculars include fornication I would seriously get it together because the Lord is coming back and he will leave you to those things if you've made that clear conscious decision not to live for him. If you aren't for Him, you are against Him. I urge you to evaluate how you're living not bc the end of the world is near, but because being in the Lord's will is the best place you can be, He loves you so much and has so many amazing things in store for you. Ultimately, it's up to you and I'll love ya'll regardless, but God has a plan and purpose for your life, let Him fulfill it.

On the front page of the PE today was a story about three 13 yr old boys raping a 13 yr old girl who was a classmate. One boy participated bc he was promised use of an ipod. WHAT?!? Who are these kids' parents?? I'd like to know what kind of people these are. What tv shows do they let their kids watch or video games do they play?? What on earth is happening to our society?? I don't know, but I wish my generation would RISE up and say enough is enough and let's turn this around. Let's go back to having modesty on television and when marriage is between a man and a woman and divorce wasn't at 60%. When Mom's could stay at home with their kids because it was valued as the most important job ever (and no vacation/private school/material things are not good enough reasons to work when you dont have to, whoops did I say that out loud?) Dad's were real men who didn't runoff and not support their wife and kids. For every single mom I know working her tail off, there is a shell of a man who wont step it up and support their kids. Not cool. Where is the sense of responsibility? Where is the outrage for the trash on ABC Family? Why do so many people support gay marriage? Look at the statistics - It's NOT what is in the best interest of our kids. Why are we not more broken over divorce. I see more people on my facebook that are divorced (some definitely legit, unfortunately) than I've seen married and are living happily and FIGHTING for their marriage & we're not even 30. I know a 20-something on their 3rd marriage. It's time we stop acting like all this acceptable. Let's offer support and love to those married couples on the rocks. Let's vote according to 1950's morals. Let's be BROKEN over what breaks are heavenly Father's heart. Stop being so blind to the lie that advancing in a liberal direction is what is best for our society and our kids. IT. IS. NOT. No, let's put prayer back in school. Let's stop boycotting companies like Chick-fil-a that support marriage and enriching people's lives and let's boycott companies like Chili's that support groups that fight for the right to film pornography next door to your son's pre-school. True Story.

Well, that was a mouthful and totally took a left turn from what I thought I was gonna blog about, but everyone is walking around with their head in the sand while America is falling apart at our Christian Seams. It's heartbreaking.