Tuesday, February 16, 2010


what the heck happened to chivalry? Ok, guys, are you dense or just plain rude? Taking a girl out and letting her pay for her own meal? Seriously, seriously?? Not buying her coffee when you meet up at starbucks? On mine and Josh's first date, the plan was not to go to starbucks later in the night, but I wanted one and COMPLETELY intended on paying for it myself, but Josh dug through all the change in his car because he didnt have his wallet on him. Also, girls do NOT, I repeat DO NOT want to hear any reference to your bowel movements or hear any gas expelled from your body. Girls dont want to hear vulgar language or see naked women as the back drop on your phone. (Girls note: you're probably dating the wrong guy anyway if you are experiencing any of the last few issues). Girls also dont want to hear about how hot you think other girls are, DUH!! If you go out with a girl and her family, don't be a mooch, still offer to pay for both of your meals. I'm honestly just flabberghasted about how BOYS behave when taking a girl out that they are supposedly pursuing. I could go on and on about BOYS, but I wont. Ladies, just find a man; a man that loves the Lord, one who makes a decent living or is at least heading in the direction of that because they are preparing for the future to take care of and provide for a wife and one day a family. Not one just waiting for a "mommy" to come along and mother them and is pissing away all their money and opportunities. Ok, I'll stop, otherwise this will get beyond lengthy.

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