Friday, November 7, 2008

On a lighter note...

...we are sooooooo excited for the holidays and seeing everyone!! As far as my side of the family goes: I'm bringin' the pies!! Dont you dare bring your store bought pies! hahaha!

I got to hear baby Hank's heartbeat again, yesterday! That never get's old! I also have not gained a pound! Hooray!! We wont get to find out if it's a boy or girl for about 6 more weeks. Hopefully before Christmas. We cant wait!

We are also moving on December 7th! We will be saving a substantial amount of money each month on rent which will be really great. As far as your Christmas cards go, just send them to our current address until we get you our new address. We WILL pay off the last credit card this month if it KILLS us, but we are overjoyed to do so!!

Don't forget about the candle party next week on Wednesday!! I hope to see most of you here as there will be LOTS of food and it will be nice to have the company of people over 3 ft tall! Yay!

Please keep Josh and I in your prayers as we continue to conquer hurdles in our lives.

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